Wonderwoman was brought into the group by JAGFin1. However, since then she has become an honourary member of the Comp-Sci students. Her closest friends include Tank, Frostmourne and Sapphire.

She is the loud, lairy, crazy drama student of the group, who has recently starred in “BatBoy! The Musical” (playing no less than 3 parts – most notable was a stage stealing performance as the Reverend Billie Hightower at the start of part 2). Many of the Comp-Sci students attended the final show.

She was convinced to join IRC back in the beginning of 2009 and since then has been hooked. (although BatBoys gruelling schedule did limit her to a few token appearances in Feb/Mar ’09).

When she’s not out shaking her sexy bum you’ll usually find her in The Upper Limit Cafe, proving she’s more man than most Comp-Sci students by consuming an entire monster breakfast, plus what anyone else can’t finish.

You can’t have mine, I always finish mine! <Tank>

EPIC MOMENT: The night before Narcissus and Wonderwoman’s birthday: Narcissus failed to drink his dirty pint and after 5 attempts was nearly throwing up, whereas the heroic Wonderwoman drank the remaining half in one!