The network and it’s main channel, #aber, serves a disparate group composed primarily of aberystwyth (aber) university students past and present. Currently averaging 37 online at any one time. The total userbase is a mystery, but in the region of 50-70. There are unconfirmed rumours of another subgroup forming around the channel #42.

The Aber Free Net was created as a result of the irc server athos.ivixor.net (sadly no longer with us) de-linking from BitterNet (circa 2001). The server was initially populated by a breakaway faction of disaffected users of OtherAber who were looking for a more enlightened and egalitarian channel to use. See more at AFNet History.

A characteristic of AFNET is the perceived and/or actual absence of rules, regulations, fabricated power structures or hierarchy. If you want to read more about best open source wiki you can follow this link.

Getting on IRC

You can connect to the AFNet by pointing your irc client at one of the servers listed below, or using one of the links on WebIRC if you are a web weenie.

Server address


Hint – start your IRC client and type:

/server irc.aberwiki.org
/join #aber

Or on the web: WebIRC

Well used channels: #aber, #shells, #fresher, #code