St. Mary’s Hall

St Mary’s Hall, otherwise known as STMH.

<Jonneh> yeah but it's so far away and full of gays and paragon

STMH is a student house in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales. STMH has it’s very own website! . The JoeyNet there is run to military discipline, see TechnoPeasant , and ELord

Students currently residing in STMH include Orakio, MrT, Aimaz, Von

Near STMH is the WelshBooksCouncil , and behind STMH there are the best views in Aberystwyth.

Just down the road is the PenglaisForest

Rumoured to look like:


The similarities are obvious though. There is a lot more ivy now. It is completely covering the small window to the left of the house. The WelshBooksCouncil carpark is seen to the left.


Fish has decided to give STMH a “period make-over” and we’re not talking Tudor.


see Stmh/paintjob for updates