Vegetarian is a confused human.

All humans are Omnivores at birth, some humans alter their diet to being Herbivores for (yet to be understood) reasons. In a further continuation of this mania, they may go on to become Vegan.

Vegetarians might sometimes choose to eat MeatSubstituteProduct .

“Tell you what,” the old man said as we entered Mobridge, “let me buy you a burger.”
“Oh, well thanks…” I said, “…but I’m a vegetarian”
His countenance shifted to indignation. “Vegetarian huh?” he mumbled, “You just keep that to yourself…”

—Anon, Evasion (published by Crimethinc)

A famous London restaurateur once boasted that he loved taking calls from vegetarians. “Do you have anything for us?” they would ask. “Yes,” would be his reply. “Contempt.” — Tom Norrington-Davis (lol, yes that’s a real name) The Guardian. You might be interested in reading something more about open source intelligence wiki.