aneurin and spectre watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

<spectre> party on, dude.<spectre> ITS YOUR MOM, DUDE.<aneurin> lollers<spectre> NO. WAY.<spectre> YES. WAY.<spectre> 69, DUDES.<spectre> WHOA.<spectre> its one of the few good things to come out of teh 80s<spectre> EXCELLENT.<spectre> also one of the few films in which keanu reaves acts well<spectre> THAT WAS MOST UNPRECEDENTED, RUFUS.<aneurin> aye<aneurin> phew<aneurin> thank fuck DC++ uses an XML text file for the queue<spectre> hur<aneurin> it decided to start downloading a whole bunch of shit<aneurin> and resuming every time I killed the connection<aneurin> I was looking for excellent adventure :)<spectre> hur<spectre> yeah<spectre> watch it with us<spectre> it'll be cwl<aneurin> coming at 800Kb/s<spectre> sweet<spectre> i'll pause at this end<aneurin> awesome<aneurin> INTERACTIVE IRC MOVIE<spectre> aye<spectre> its like hanging out and watching a movie in real life<spectre> only over the intarnet<aneurin> haha<spectre> i did it with a guy in kuro5hin once<spectre> with battle royale<aneurin> was that battle...<aneurin> ahaha<spectre> it was teh shizzle<spectre> aye<aneurin> I remember<aneurin> Jonneh|dod, beep<spectre> it must be like 4am there<aneurin> 01.05<spectre> hur<spectre> i was pretty out <aneurin> It'll be totally 5am before I sleep however<aneurin> aye, a lot out :)<spectre> aye<spectre> how long left?<spectre> i have food cooking<spectre> so its no biggy<aneurin> ~15mins max<spectre> also, never let me say "no biggy" again.<aneurin> but<aneurin> LOL<aneurin> I can copy the file being written to and watch that now<spectre> ok, get up to the bit where they meet rufus<aneurin> And then switch<aneurin> gah<spectre> we're at the bit where they are telling the little brother to look after napolean<aneurin> fucking virtual desktops in windows suck<spectre> aye :/<aneurin> starting now<aneurin> haha I forgot Carlin was in this<spectre> lol<aneurin> he needs a bigger beard like he has now<spectre> ok<aneurin> and he needs to say "fuck" more<spectre> haha aye<spectre> get up to the bit where they are telling the bro to look after napolean<spectre> then stop<aneurin> okay<aneurin> what position exactly (00.xx.xx)?<spectre> hmm<spectre> one moment<spectre> 00:21:00<aneurin> thanks<spectre> mmm, oatmeal cookies<spectre> *snack*<spectre> what position are you at<spectre> we'll go back<spectre> 'cos mark missed some anyway<aneurin> 00.10.00 exactly<spectre> ok<spectre> we're at 10:00 now<spectre> *riff*<aneurin> haha<spectre> negroe<spectre> shades<spectre> phone booth<spectre> haha<aneurin> aye, lol<spectre> PARTY ON, DUDE.<aneurin> erk switching to the complete file now...<spectre> ok<spectre> THATS CPT. AHAB DUDE<aneurin> lollers<spectre> HOT MOTHER<spectre> MILF<spectre> DANGEROUS!1<aneurin> aye<spectre> ITS YOUR MOM, DUUUDE<spectre> haha<aneurin> hahahahaha<spectre> i'd do 'er<spectre> the dad is like "hahahahahaha"<spectre> "why don't you guys take the day off"<spectre> NOW YOUR DADS GOING FOR IT, IN YOU ROOM<spectre> REMEMBER WHEN I ASKED HER TO THE PRO<spectre> M<spectre> haha<aneurin> lmao<aneurin> position? just switched now<aneurin> 12.00-ish?<spectre> the phone booth is coming down<spectre> 14:20<spectre> exactly<spectre> GREETINGS MY EXCELLENT FRIENDS<aneurin> lol, aye<aneurin> 69 Duuuuudes<spectre> haha<spectre> dude, pause<spectre> i'll let you know when i get to 69<aneurin> ah<aneurin> the timing is a bit different in this copy<spectre> OK GO GO GO<aneurin> done<spectre> WHOA<aneurin> WOOAH<aneurin> aye<spectre> haha<spectre> princesses, hot.<aneurin> bodacious... lollies<spectre> haha<spectre> GENTLEMEN<spectre> WE ARE HISTORY!<aneurin> haha<spectre> duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude<aneurin> "where ar we duude?" <--- stmh<aneurin> +e<spectre> hahaha<spectre> i need to use dude more often<aneurin> I seem to say it a lot lately<aneurin> for moic value<spectre> sweet, dude<aneurin> MOST UNPRECENDENTED<spectre> aye<spectre> haha<spectre> splendid<aneurin> "We're in the middle of a war, dude!"<spectre> DUDE!<spectre> BLOW THEM UP!<spectre> ALLEZ ALLEZ<aneurin> lol<spectre> wahwah, napolean<aneurin> he fails<spectre> aye<spectre> woh, its my house<aneurin> haha<aneurin> dude<spectre> GENTLEMEN<spectre> YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.<spectre> *ZAP ZAP ZAP*<aneurin> hahaa<spectre> MOST. UNUSUAL. DAY.<aneurin> "this has been a /most/ unusual day"<spectre> hahaha<aneurin> IT'S THE DEAD DUDE...<spectre> aye<aneurin> ZOMG<spectre> OMFG<aneurin> TAKE THE DEAD DUDE TO THE MOVIES KTHX<spectre> haha<aneurin> *ghey riff*<spectre> LETS GO BACK INTO HISTORY<spectre> haha<spectre> aye<spectre> bass line<spectre> *gay*<spectre> SIIDDDOWWN<aneurin> I swaer mine is just going faster, haha<aneurin> *swear<spectre> haha<spectre> *riff*<aneurin> "we've found your keys.." there yet?<spectre> past that<spectre> NO WAY!<spectre> WE GOT<spectre> SIGMUND FREUD<spectre> 19TH CENTURY USA<spectre> NEW MEXICO, 1870<spectre> *saunter into saloooon*<aneurin> haha<spectre> HE DIDN'T EVEN CARD US DUUUDE<aneurin> I think we're almost exactly at the same point now<spectre> haha<spectre> aye<spectre> cool<spectre> BANG<spectre> BILLY TEH KID<spectre> haha<aneurin> *western music cheese*<spectre> WE'RE WITH YOU BILLY THE KID<spectre> haha<spectre> aye<spectre> lol<spectre> sounds good mr. the kid :|<aneurin> lol<spectre> haha<spectre> cigars<aneurin> you're about 4 seconds in front :)<aneurin> timed it :)<spectre> duuude, you gotta have a poker face, like me!<spectre> i'll pause one moment<aneurin> nah, it's fine<spectre> ok<spectre> i paused<spectre> FIGHT!<aneurin> aye<spectre> WOMAN<spectre> KICKING<aneurin> lol<aneurin> hardcore<spectre> WINDOW SMASH<aneurin> EXCELLENT<spectre> we're totally weak<aneurin> "totally weak" haha<spectre> EXCELLENT WATER SLIDES!<spectre> haha<spectre> BROTHEL<spectre> NICE<aneurin> WOAH<spectre> HAHA<spectre> *LOOK AGAIN*<spectre> haha<spectre> 'goodyear blimp'<aneurin> *hat cover* *wedgie*<aneurin> lollers<spectre> aye<aneurin> ANCIENT GREECE DUDE<aneurin> TO SEY THE GRIND<spectre> DUUUDE<aneurin> er<aneurin> SEE<spectre> THE GOLDEN AGE<spectre> MORE LIEK TEH SMELLY AGE<spectre> AM I RITE?<aneurin> U R RITE!!1<spectre> LOLLERS11!!!1<spectre> haha<spectre> greek fags<spectre> in dresses<aneurin> lol<spectre> ITS UNDER SO_CRATES<spectre> hahahahqaa<aneurin> aye, HAHAHAHA<aneurin> THAT'S US, DUUDE<aneurin> awesome<spectre> THATS US DUUUD<spectre> haha<spectre> LETS BAG 'I<spectre> M<spectre> HAHA<aneurin> lol<spectre> AHM BILL<spectre> haha<aneurin> heh<spectre> PHILOSOPHISE WITH HIM<spectre> hahaha<aneurin> ALL WE ARE IS DUST AND WIND, DUUDE<spectre> HAHAHAHAHA<spectre> lol<spectre> socrates> woooahh<aneurin> DUUUDE *pont*<aneurin> +i<spectre> DUST. WIND. DUDE<spectre> haha<aneurin> LMFAO<spectre> hahahah<spectre> ahaha<spectre> hahaha<aneurin> NOT BAD EH, SO_CRATES<spectre> SOCRATES<spectre> hahaha<spectre> PRINCESSES COMING UP<aneurin> ooo<spectre> PRINCESSES<aneurin> PERSONS OF HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE<spectre> haha<spectre> CHECK IT OUT<spectre> WATCH SO_CRATES<spectre> haha<aneurin> NARLY OLD GOAT DUDE<aneurin> was that what he said?<spectre> HAHAHAHA<spectre> PRINCESSES<spectre> yeah<spectre> GNARLY<aneurin> is so, lmao<spectre> PRINCSESES<aneurin> hhhaha<spectre> i want a medieval princess :/<aneurin> aye yeah<aneurin> HISTORICAL BABES<spectre> BABE REPORT<spectre> hAHA<Jonneh|dod> hahahah<spectre> HAHA<spectre> YOU'RE THE LADEEZ MAN<aneurin> my jaws hurt already<Jonneh|dod> that southpark with the immigrants and the giant fuckpile is hilarious<spectre> Jonneh|dod are you watching too?<spectre> Jonneh|dod aye<spectre> aneurin aye<spectre> haha<aneurin> Jonneh|dod, aye, it's the best<aneurin> HEAVY METAL *gay*<spectre> lol<spectre> gay riff<spectre> haha<aneurin> STAR WARS<aneurin> IN SUITS<aneurin> OF METAL<spectre> LOL<aneurin> ON THE INTERNET!<spectre> HAHAHA<spectre> W@W<aneurin> AWESOME<spectre> STEP RITE UP<spectre> BANG BANG BANG<spectre> CLASH<Jonneh|dod> they took our jobs!<spectre> NO WAAAAY<Jonneh|dod> also what the fuck is this shit<spectre> Jonneh|dod haha<Jonneh|dod> spectre has gone crazy<spectre> Jonneh|dod we're watching BILL AND TEDS EXCELLENT ADVENTURE<aneurin> Jonneh|dod, BILL AND TED DUDE<spectre> OVER THE INTERNETA<spectre> (thats spanish for the intarnet)<aneurin> lol<Jonneh|dod> DUDE!<aneurin> YUO SUD JOIN US WATCHING SI MOVIE ON TEH INTARNET<Jonneh|dod> nein<aneurin> (that's lame for... well)<Jonneh|dod> I am going to make food<aneurin> BOGUS<aneurin> MOST NON-TRIUMPHANT<spectre> haha<spectre> BOGUS<aneurin> DON'T BE DEAD, DUUUUDE<spectre> lol<spectre> you are ahead<spectre> about 2secs<aneurin> seems so<aneurin> MEDIEVIL DICKWEED<spectre> DON't BE DEAD DUDE<aneurin> *pausing*<spectre> more like 5 secs<aneurin> say when fight starts<spectre> CLASHCCLASH<spectre> STARTED<aneurin> okay<spectre> SWORD NECK<spectre> TED<aneurin> mine slightly slips ahead<spectre> WOOAAHH<aneurin> yeah<spectre> TED UR ALVIE<aneurin> *hug*<spectre> FAG<aneurin> lol<spectre> haha<aneurin> GIRLS<spectre> NHOTHNJwering234;jona;rvjnq3;jrnva<aneurin> GIRLS<aneurin> GIRLS<aneurin> GIRLS<spectre> OT HTOHOT<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIGGLE<aneurin> p0rk on, duuude<spectre> GIRLS SHOULD GIGGLE MORE<aneurin> SHE IS HAWT<spectre> EDCLELNT ACCENT<aneurin> aye<spectre> TED OF SANDIMAS<spectre> haha<spectre> UH<spectre> LYRICS DUDUUE<aneurin> aye<spectre> hahahaha<aneurin> pr0n<aneurin> no<aneurin> prom<spectre> OH YOU BEAUTIFUL BABES FROM ENGLAND<aneurin> haha<spectre> PROM<spectre> HAHA<aneurin> mine is slipping ahead again<aneurin> hahaha<spectre> man, i want to p0rk the brunette<aneurin> aye<spectre> in the botty<aneurin> she == hawt<spectre> and in the front botty<aneurin> lollers<aneurin> AT TEH SAME TIME!!11<spectre> lool<spectre> ROYAL UGLY DUDES<spectre> haha<spectre> I'M THE EARL OF PRESTON<aneurin> DUKE OF TED<spectre> DUDKE OF TED<spectre> hahAHAHA<spectre> "erm, no.<spectre> "<aneurin> IRON MAIDEN<spectre> PUT THEM IN THE IRON MAIDEN<spectre> EXCELLENT<spectre> hahaha<aneurin> EXCELLENT<aneurin> hahahaha<aneurin> LOL<spectre> BOGUS<spectre> haha<spectre> BABES<aneurin> woo<Jonneh|dod> you guys are fags<aneurin> she is hot<aneurin> vary hot<Jonneh|dod> DUDES!<spectre> Jonneh|dod u r teh fag<spectre> :/<spectre> aYE<spectre> MEGAHOT<aneurin> Jonneh|dod, INTARNET!111<spectre> (for 80s)<aneurin> USE TEH INTARNET<spectre> WE'RE HANGING OUT ON TEH INTARNET<Jonneh|dod> TOTALLY TUBULAR<Jonneh|dod> COWABUNGA!<spectre> OFF WITH TEHIR HEEDS<aneurin> *grimace*<Jonneh|dod> noone expects the spanish inquisition!--- spectre has changed the topic to: <Jonneh|dod> TOTALLY TUBULAR<spectre> haha<spectre> HAHA<aneurin> BILLY!<aneurin> SO_CRATES!<spectre> BILLY TEH KID<spectre> SO_CRATES<spectre> haha<Jonneh|dod> haha<Jonneh|dod> so crates--- Jonneh|dod is now known as Jonneh<aneurin> OH SHI<spectre> lollers jonneh, you've seen teh film rite?<Jonneh> i might be cool and have an all lowecase nick too<aneurin> HORSES<spectre> OOH NOES<aneurin> ON THE INTARNET--- Jonneh is now known as jonneh<spectre> jonneh you're cool now<jonneh> radical!<aneurin> jonneh, rad<spectre> :cool:<spectre> K-RAD<jonneh> more like :coal: am i rite<spectre> lol u r rite11!<spectre> WAAAAH<jonneh> what's wonderfully gay is that :coal: is an actual sa smilie<jonneh> it's a little lump of coal with sunglasses<jonneh> :coal:<aneurin> haha<aneurin> :lame:<aneurin> GANGSTAZ IN TEH HOOD<aneurin> spectre, where are you at now?<spectre> ITS US<spectre> GAY USIC<aneurin> okay<aneurin> *pause*<spectre> i' aking burgers also<aneurin> okay<aneurin> *unpause*<aneurin> this scene is gay as fuck<aneurin> lol<jonneh> "hunting is natural! even foxes hunt!"<jonneh> yeah, but do they ride on the back of pigs<aneurin> haha<Nermal> bah<Nermal> _apparently_ I insulted nikki<Nermal> but I doubt it<jonneh> chasing after a petrified doormouse with a slavering pack of shrews!<Nermal> seing as she is quite hard to insult<spectre> LOL<spectre> HISTORY REPORT<spectre> NOT A FUTURE REPORT<Nermal> well now<Nermal> I spoke to her, and then _APPARENTLY_ I said soething.. and she was pissed off<Nermal> but I don't remember doing so<spectre> jonneh `lol<aneurin> Nermal, talk to her :(<Nermal> and the cunt that told me this isn't exatly a relable source of information<spectre> ZIGGY PIG<aneurin> yeah--> Stu ( has joined #aber<Nermal> I've lost track of which bloke she is screwing<aneurin> *prode dead dude*<spectre> ITS ICE CREAM<aneurin> -e--- solarian gives channel operator status to Stu<spectre> YOU EAT IT<Nermal> note to sell. watch for sbs9 join<spectre> HAHA<Stu> cheer<Stu> s<Nermal> VACUUM<spectre> 8BUUUURROP*<Stu> Dyson<Nermal> mmmm<aneurin> ZIGGY PIGGY<aneurin> ZIGGY PIGGY<aneurin> ZIGGY PIGGY<spectre> ZYGGY PIGGY<spectre> ZYGGY PIGGY<spectre> ZYGGY PIGGY<aneurin> hahahaha<spectre> *PIG NOISE*<spectre> lool<Nermal> NO LOSS OF SUCTION<Stu> don't i wish!!!!!!<aneurin> FREUUUDE<spectre> erk<spectre> FREEEUD DUUUD<aneurin> i si pausen<spectre> why/<aneurin> close up of guy on piano<aneurin> say when<Stu> well shit<spectre> erk<spectre> CIONE ON SO_CRATEs<spectre> ORLEANS FRANCe<spectre> ORLEANS FRANCe<spectre> JOAN OF TEH ARC<aneurin> k<spectre> reasonably hot<spectre> RIFF<spectre> GAY RIFF<aneurin> yeah<spectre> *RIFF*<aneurin> he is pretty hot, aye<spectre> JOAN IS HOT<spectre> probably virgin<aneurin> sweet<aneurin> *gorge*<spectre> lol<spectre> GHENGHIS<spectre> haha<spectre> thats teh lief<jonneh> bill bailey should have played theoden<jonneh> in lotr<spectre> lol<aneurin> UUGHHHRRRRHRHHRR<spectre> LINCOLN<spectre> GAY MUSIC<spectre> lol<spectre> 3 MEN IN A TUB<aneurin> lol<aneurin> RIDE TEH COCK<spectre> MORE LIEK 9 GUYS IN A FONE BOOF<spectre> HAHA<spectre> MR_T<aneurin> aye<aneurin> hahaha<spectre> lol<spectre> sorry bonaparte<aneurin> LOL<spectre> hahaha<spectre> MERDE<aneurin> MERDE<aneurin> MERDE<aneurin> MERDE<aneurin> MERDE<aneurin> AHAHAHAHAHA<spectre> ATTENDS<spectre> ATTENDS<spectre> NOT SO FAST BUDDY<spectre> PAY?<spectre> hahaha<jonneh> my nick is too short, it takes away the beautiful alignment you guys have going--- jonneh is now known as Jonneh<Jonneh> hmm--- Jonneh is now known as Jonnneh<spectre> lol<Jonnneh> there<aneurin> hahahaha<spectre> thats better<spectre> UHOHS<aneurin> PASS THE BUBBLEGUM<spectre> lol<aneurin> MORE LIKE JOINT<aneurin> AM I RITE?!<spectre> lollocoaster<spectre> u r rite<aneurin> ugu<aneurin> ugu<aneurin> ugu<aneurin> wah<aneurin> wah<aneurin> wah<spectre> lol<spectre> uNF<aneurin> lol<aneurin> EXCELLENT<spectre> haha<spectre> aye<aneurin> WOAH<aneurin> MIND FUCK<spectre> DUUUDE<aneurin> DUUUUUUDE<spectre> 69 DUUUUUUUUUUUDES<spectre> more princesses plz<ashai> ?<aneurin> aye<spectre> ashai adjust your nick :P<aneurin> lol<aneurin> PERFECT IRC SYNCRONISATION AND CLARITY<ashai> hmm<spectre> regulation 7 chars<spectre> haha<aneurin> HOT<spectre> pad it out with _<spectre> HOTHOTOHOHTOHOTHOT<spectre> HOT<aneurin> MISSY FUCKALOT<spectre> ITS HIS MOM DUUUUUUUUDE<spectre> STOP CHECKING OUT YOUR MOM--- ashai is now known as ashaint<ashaint> hmm<spectre> DAVE BEEFOVEN<spectre> ashaint aye<aneurin> SO_CRATES JOHNSON<aneurin> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA<aneurin> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA<aneurin> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA<spectre> BOB GHENGHIS KHAN<aneurin> slipping ahread again, aha<spectre> SODAS IN THE FRIDGE<spectre> lollers<spectre> THA GHENGHIS EH<aneurin> THEY'RE ON COCAINE<-- Stu has quit (Quit: )<ashaint> what, crazy irc<spectre> lol<ashaint> your on coke<spectre> on the crystal meth<aneurin> hahaha<ashaint> both of you<aneurin> AYE<spectre> BEEFOVEN<spectre> lol<ashaint> haha<aneurin> JOAN OF ARC NEEDS NEKKIDNEESSSSSS<spectre> SO_CRATES<aneurin> and longer hair<spectre> aneurin aye<spectre> i go for short hair too<aneurin> well<aneurin> she'd be hotter with it long<ashaint> joan of arc is dead<aneurin> LET THEM EAT FAST FOOD KTHX<spectre> eat shit<spectre> hahahaha<aneurin> *gorge*<spectre> lol<spectre> JOAN OF ARC POLE DANCING<aneurin> YOU'VE STRANDED ONE OF EUROPES GREATEST LEADERS IN WANGDINAS?!!111<spectre> HE WAS A DICK :/<aneurin> haha<spectre> WATERLOO<spectre> AHAHAHAHA<spectre> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA<aneurin> possible hawt girls<aneurin> ahahaha<aneurin> they#re like 8<aneurin> HAHAHAHA<spectre> aye<spectre> haha<aneurin> *squeal*<aneurin> ^-- literally<spectre> nice bikninis<spectre> lollers<spectre> sikco<aneurin> aye<spectre> SACRE BLEU<spectre> haha<aneurin> GO NAPOLEAN GO<aneurin> SLIIIIIDE<spectre> *MUSIC*<aneurin> aye<aneurin> rad<aneurin> haha<spectre> RAD<spectre> *wear tight blue jeans*<aneurin> lmao<spectre> *large hair*<spectre> *strut*<aneurin> they need more over-8 girls<spectre> aye<aneurin> this is silly<spectre> ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS ARE DOING IT<spectre> liek 14/15 am i rite"?<aneurin> FANTASTIQUE<aneurin> hahahahahaha<spectre> lol<aneurin> DANCING GIRLS<aneurin> UP<aneurin> AND<aneurin> DOWN<aneurin> K<aneurin> THX<spectre> aye<spectre> BUM<aneurin> haha--> Nermal (~peter@0::ffff: has joined #aber<spectre> JOIAN<spectre> JOAN<spectre> JOAN<aneurin> AYE<spectre> JOAN<aneurin> *leer** Nermal looks at j* Nermal looks at his completely fucked keyboar<Nermal> d<aneurin> SO_CRATES IN LEER MODE<spectre> haha<Nermal> I've snappedo<spectre> aye<spectre> and 'teh kid<Nermal> snapped off halkfthe fucking space bar<aneurin> WE'RE FROM HISTORY<spectre> LOOK AT HIS SANDALS<spectre> LOL<spectre> GREETINGS<spectre> HI<spectre> AHM BILLEH<spectre> SO_CRATES<Nermal> FROM EARTH<spectre> haha<aneurin> I'm ahead again<spectre> FREUD<Nermal> IM NIGEL HARDY<aneurin> hehe<spectre> GIGGLING<Nermal> GBE<Nermal> GREETINGS<spectre> MILD FORM OF HYSTERIA<spectre> hahahahaha<aneurin> GEEK<aneurin> haha<aneurin> hahahaha<spectre> GEEK<spectre> hahahaha<aneurin> hgagahgaiohgd<spectre> hahaha<Jonnneh> I hate to break up this ejaculation of 80 america RAWK and keanu reeves<Nermal> I have nobackspace key<Jonnneh> but why can't I make an array of Strings?<Nermal> andafuckedspacefbar<spectre> careful ghenghis<spectre> Jonnneh lol<aneurin> String[] = new String[6] or something lame<Jonnneh> plz explain<Nermal> Jonnneh: usean arraylist<aneurin> i dunno<aneurin> hahaha<aneurin> KHAAAAAN<Jonnneh> Nermal: any reason?--- spectre has changed the topic to: <Jonneh> I hate to break up this ejaculation of 80 america RAWK and keanu reaves <Jonneh> but why can't I ake an array of Strings?<spectre> haha<aneurin> spectre, lol<spectre> THATS MY HAT<spectre> RIFF<spectre> RIFF<aneurin> RAD<spectre> NICE RIFF<spectre> BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS<spectre> JOAN<spectre> JOAN<spectre> JOAN<aneurin> BEETHOVEN IS KRAD<aneurin> lollers<spectre> BEEFOVEN<spectre> lol<aneurin> lol<aneurin> haha<spectre> he's stylin'<aneurin> ahahaha<spectre> haha<spectre> lol<Nermal> many reasons<spectre> GHENGHIS<spectre> hahaha<spectre> ghenghis is k-rad<aneurin> aye<spectre> freestylin<aneurin> he is soooo post-modern<aneurin> hahaha<spectre> aye<spectre> POMO<spectre> THE PIGS<aneurin> lol<spectre> I DEMAND EINEN LAYER<spectre> lol<aneurin> we are exactly at the same point<aneurin> ace<spectre> i'd totally do joan<aneurin> SLIDE SO_CRATES<aneurin> spectre, aye<spectre> and that brunette princess<spectre> haha<spectre> SLIDE SLIDE SLIDE<spectre> BILLEH<spectre> lol<spectre> HAHA<spectre> SO_CRATES<spectre> *MUG SHOT*<aneurin> TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MOTHER<aneurin> PICS PLZ<spectre> HAHAHAHAHAHA<Nermal>> shigs|work ( has joined #aber<spectre> haha\<aneurin> :-o--- solarian gives channel operator status to shigs|work<spectre> :_|<aneurin> COMPUTARS<Nermal> one puch does anawfull loy<spectre> this dudes a re_tard<spectre> HAHa<Nermal> lot*<aneurin> aye<Nermal> puc<Nermal> punch*<aneurin> STAY<aneurin> YOU FRENCH PIG DOG<spectre> lol<spectre> WACKOS<aneurin> good thinking, duuude<spectre> lol<spectre> aye<spectre> HAHAHA<aneurin> mind fuck moment, haha<spectre> haha<spectre> WOAH YEAH<aneurin> they should think to p0rk joan<spectre> aye<spectre> totally<spectre> or at least nekkid her<aneurin> aye<spectre> she'd look good in white slips and a white crop top :/<aneurin> SUPRISE SEX OF SI FUTUR<spectre> lol<aneurin> hell yeah<spectre> that would be mega hot<spectre> then she lowers them to show her trimmed flange<aneurin> lmao<spectre> lol<aneurin> I should stop laughing<aneurin> IT<aneurin> HUTS<spectre> haha<aneurin> ahsaohifqw<aneurin> HURTS<spectre> are your flatmates around?<aneurin> I dunno<aneurin> they suck<spectre> all this is going in teh logs<spectre> lol<aneurin> so I dunno<spectre> haha<aneurin> spectre, lollers<spectre> they totally wouldn't het it<spectre> *get<aneurin> aye<aneurin> JOAN<aneurin> JOAN<aneurin> JOAN<aneurin> JOAN<spectre> JOAN JOAN JOAN<aneurin> NOT ENOUGH JOAN<spectre> MORE JOAN PLZ<spectre> MORE<spectre> PRAYING<spectre> PERFECT<spectre> PRAYING IS HOT<aneurin> KNEELING TOWARDS MY WANG<spectre> (on girls)<spectre> aye<spectre> and praying to you<aneurin> dude<aneurin> awsome<spectre> NOW OPENING FOR IRON MAIDEN WYLD STALLIONS<aneurin> +e<spectre> aye<spectre> totally awesome<spectre> HAHA<spectre> TRASH CAN<aneurin> hahaha<aneurin> need boxes and shit too<aneurin> I KNOW I AM<aneurin> lame<spectre> HAHAHAHA<spectre> EAT SHIT<spectre> e.a.t.s.h.i.t<aneurin> EARLY<aneurin> Yeahahahaa<spectre> haha<aneurin> skool sux<spectre> WOAH<aneurin> HELLO WANGDINAS<aneurin> ARE YOU READY TO ROCK<spectre> u n me r 2 cwl 4 skwwl<aneurin> ?<spectre> READY TO RAWK!!!1!<aneurin> hahahaha<spectre> 1988 WORLD TOUR~!<spectre> lol<aneurin> lollers<spectre> GAY<spectre> GAY GAY GAY RIFF<aneurin> GUNS<aneurin> IN SCHOOL<Jonnneh> FUCKING JAVA<spectre> BANG BANG BANG<aneurin> clap<Jonnneh>  static String days[] = new String[6];<aneurin> clap<Jonnneh>  days[1] = "Ham";<aneurin> clap<Jonnneh> is there any reason why this won't compiles1"?21<aneurin> what error?<spectre> whats the error?<spectre> *RIFF*<spectre> *STRUT*<spectre> *HAIR*<spectre> HIS MOM<spectre> I WANT HIS MOM<aneurin> aye<Jonnneh> ']' expected<Jonnneh>         days[1] = "Ham";<Jonnneh>              ^<Jonnneh> <identifier> expected<Jonnneh>         days[1] = "Ham";<spectre> AND JOAN<spectre> HAHAHA<aneurin> lol<spectre> LED ZEP<aneurin> aye<spectre> days[1] = new String("Ham");<spectre> ?<spectre> S.O_C.Ra.TEs<spectre> OUT OF CONTROL<aneurin> dude<aneurin> that's krad<spectre> aye<Jonnneh> that doesn't work /<Jonnneh> :/<spectre> why does it need to be static?<Jonnneh> because otherwise it won't compile ^___^<spectre> WOAH<spectre> Jonnneh static is bad, mmm-kay?<aneurin> String duuuude[] = {"dude", "wang", "rad"}<spectre> Jonnneh email me your code<aneurin> JOAN<aneurin> JOAN<spectre> JOAN PLZ<aneurin> JOAN<spectre> MORE JOAN<spectre> MORE JOAN<spectre> JOAN OF TEH ARC<Jonnneh> one sec<aneurin> RAD JOAN WITH BLADE<spectre> TOTALLY RAVAGED SPORTING GOODS<Jonnneh> you could be onto something with this static faggotry<Jonnneh> also what hte fuck<spectre> HAHA<spectre> HOT<spectre> SORDS<aneurin> lol<Jonnneh> are you two injecting horse sedatives into your brains or something?<spectre> RUUUSSSE<spectre> Jonnneh lol<aneurin> GHENIS ON TWINKIS<spectre> haha<spectre> EXCELLENT SUGAR RUSH<spectre> BON JOVIS SLIPPERY WHEN WET<spectre> hahaha<spectre> hahAHAHa<spectre> HAHAHAHA<aneurin> lollers<spectre> HOT JOAN HOT<spectre> haha, temper tantrum<aneurin> GHEY MIDRIFF SHOT<spectre> AYE<aneurin> wahwahwahwhawhaahhahahahaahaaaaahahAHAHAHHAHAHAHA<spectre> that was 80s tho :/<aneurin> aye<spectre> LINCOLN<spectre> LARGE HAT<spectre> BEARD<spectre> NO MOUSTACHE<aneurin> FUNKY<aneurin> MOM<spectre> MOM <ashaint> renegades of funk<spectre> SHE'S SO HOT<ashaint> from another planet<spectre> liek hypnos mom lol<aneurin> She must have a pr0n history<spectre> aye<aneurin> NO WAY<spectre> NO WAY, DUUDE<aneurin> dude<spectre> BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER<aneurin> ur totalleh right<aneurin> HAHAHAHAHAHA<spectre> AND PARTY ON DUUUDES<ashaint> man, dude, shit<spectre> FINALE<spectre> ENCORE<aneurin> they totally fucked the stage<aneurin> hahahaha<spectre> aye<spectre> haha<spectre> that music is so gay<ashaint> nini<aneurin> INTRO<-- ashaint has quit (Quit: okgo)<Jonnneh> nope even when not static this shit is being homosexual<spectre> LIGHTERS<aneurin> Jonnor, try my code<aneurin> haha<spectre> Jonnor<spectre> lol<spectre> INTRO<spectre> haha<spectre> ESQUIRE<aneurin> haha ahead again, haha<spectre> aye<spectre> WHATS UP TED<spectre> WE TRAVELLED THRU TIME<spectre> A+<aneurin> lol<spectre> NOTHINGS DIFFERENT<spectre> 'cos u didn't p0rk joan :/<aneurin> HELLO AGAIN MY EXCELLENT FRIENDS<aneurin> WOULD YOU LIKE SOME DRUGS?<spectre> pause<aneurin> m0ng should say that<aneurin> okay<spectre> paly<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIRTLS<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GIRLS<aneurin> aye<spectre> GIRLS<spectre> GILLt<spectre> NICE COSTUMES<aneurin> WOW<spectre> bAAAAAAAAAAABES<spectre> W@W<aneurin> PORKABLE 80's<spectre> HAHAHAHA<spectre> SAVOPURY CLOTHES<spectre> TEH MALL<spectre> WAY 2 GO<aneurin> WYLD<aneurin> WE R SI WYLD DUUUUDE<spectre> keanu reaves gets the hottest one<aneurin> aye<spectre> ALTHOUGH SHE LOOKED BETTER IN MEDIEVAL<aneurin> CARLIN, SWEAR DUUUDE<spectre> NO WAAAAY<aneurin> spectre, aye<spectre> YES WAY<spectre> TOTALLY EXCELLENT MUSIC<aneurin> UNIVERSAL HARMONY ahahahahahaha<spectre> HAHAHA<spectre> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA<aneurin> SUPRISE SEXOR<spectre> SEX<spectre> JOAN<spectre> JOAN ALSO PRINCSES BRUNETE<aneurin> YEAH<spectre> making out<spectre> tenderly<aneurin> CARLIN BEING RAD<aneurin> spectre, hahah, yeah<spectre> RAD GUITARS<aneurin> woooooooaaaahhhh<aneurin> most outstanding!!!11111<spectre> ]WOOOOOOOOOAH<aneurin> HOT<aneurin> most outstanding!!!11111<aneurin> most outstanding!!!11111<aneurin> most outstanding!!!11111<aneurin> hahha<spectre> MOST OUTSTANDING<aneurin> HOT<aneurin> HOT<aneurin> HOT<aneurin> HOT<aneurin> HOT<aneurin> HOT<spectre> HOT<spectre> HOT<spectre> HOT<spectre> HOT<spectre> HO<aneurin> HOT<spectre> tHOT<spectre> HOT<aneurin> ho<spectre> HOT<aneurin> hahaha<spectre> HOT<spectre> haha<aneurin> FIN!1<spectre> woops<spectre> ON THE BASS<spectre> or keyboards?<spectre> MOST EXCELLENT<spectre> KEYBOARDS<spectre> :/<aneurin> THAT WAS DUDE<spectre> HAHAHAHA<spectre> THEY DO GET BETTER<spectre> HAHA<spectre> GAY RIFF<spectre> AT THE END<aneurin> lol<spectre> HAHAHA<spectre> AWESOME<aneurin> DUDE