Evil assignment devised by the demon-lecturer RichardShipman.
Will crush all who attempt it.

Plz 2 solution me kThxTa :xx

Fucking easy, you’re all fags. —aneurin

attempted, got crushed — martin and jon.

It’s alreet liek :s if you know Brainzilla. — shigs

What aneurin said tbh. Also DOACPLZKTHX — oliver

Got it…i am king of the shit coders! l33t — TangerineWolf

i wish i’d gone to some 211 lectures 🙁 Parag0n

lolleeeZ [head,foot] SoCrE?1!? — Ultima

Finding the minimum # of 1-letter transitions from ‘ brain ‘ to ‘ grind ‘ Total # of nodes: 7396 CPU Time = 0.531

    • Solution: brain braid brand grand grind ** — oliver