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Rumour has it that Wispy invited an Internet girlfriend over from America, who then screwed his friend from work.

Went to Cardigan school, obviously hasn’t gotten over being butt raped by Dr Griffiths, debatably should fuck off back there

<wispy> because I’m border-line homophobic

<wispy> Christian girls want to have sex in an attempt to further the relationship through sexual gratification <wispy> and not use sex as means to please themselves or there partner<Gaz> as long as you wear the dress<tom> thanks Gaz<wispy> sex has to have a purpose further than physical pleasure and has to harness such powers of the emotional welfare to be 'ok'<wispy> sooo..<Mr_T> wispy, aye, that's just a side-effect<wispy> I fucked her and then came down-stairs and played halo* Gaz smirks <tom> nice<Mr_T> did you clean the stairs?