“Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that,” Hansen said.

The Wiccan, or Pagan, religion is said to be growing in the United States and there are Wiccan groups in Puyallup.

On the district’s list of guidelines related to holidays and celebrations is an item that reads: “Use of derogatory stereotypes is prohibited, such as the traditional image of a witch, which is offensive to members of the Wiccan religion.”

“I do lots of things that are not revolving around wearing a black outfit and stirring a cauldron,” Wiccan priestess Cheryl Sulyma-Masson said in an interview with ABC News in which she explained that Wiccans, or Pagan Clergy, celebrate nature.

[02:58] <spectre> the hatred i feel for wiccans is immense
[02:58] <spectre> its overpowering
[02:59] <aneurin> spectre, lol
[02:59] <spectre> i'm feeling it right now
[02:59] <braingrind> hur spectre
[02:59] <spectre> man
[02:59] <spectre> i'd love to kill a wiccan
[03:01] <braingrind> i want a joint
[03:01] <spectre> me too
[03:01] <braingrind> but i am too high and tired to roll one
[03:01] <aneurin> me three
[03:01] <braingrind> but i want one
[03:01] <spectre> i tend to want joints more when i'm drunk :/
[03:02] <braingrind> i can tell when you are drunk because you are more outrageous, rude and un politically correct than when you are not drunk
[03:02] <braingrind> which is saying a lot
[03:03] <spectre> lol
[03:03] <spectre> i'm politically correct
[03:03] <spectre> except about wiccans
[03:03] <braingrind> hahaha
[03:04] <braingrind> tell me more about wiccans
[03:04] <spectre> most people are like "yo, you should leave those crazy fuckers alone" and i'm like "kill them, please kill them all"
[03:04] <braingrind> i want to be a wican
[03:04] <spectre> braingrind, fuck you
[03:04] <braingrind> WICCAWICCAWICCA
[03:04] <spectre> you can only be a wiccan
[03:04] <spectre> if you are under the age of 30
[03:04] <spectre> female
[03:04] <spectre> fat
[03:04] <spectre> pretend to be bisexual
[03:04] <braingrind> LOL
[03:04] <spectre> and watch buffy / angel
[03:04] <spectre> and assorted othe trash tv
[03:04] <braingrind> HAHAHAHA
[03:04] <braingrind> have you met a lot of wiccans then?
[03:04] <spectre> its important that you shop at expensive "new age" hippy shops
[03:04] <spectre> and think you are ugly
[03:05] <braingrind> hahaha
[03:05] <spectre> also, you can't get laid frequently
[03:05] <braingrind> lol
[03:05] <spectre> the kind of girls that wear pentagrams and long black velvet dresses
[03:05] <braingrind> what bout using magic to get other people to shag you
[03:05] <spectre> i want to kill them
[03:05] <spectre> they use it
[03:05] <spectre> but it doesn't work
[03:05] <aneurin> I want to pork them if they're hot
[03:05] <aneurin> spectre, you're missing out on a niche market
[03:05] <spectre> aneurin, they are all fats and ugly
[03:05] <spectre> i hate fats
[03:05] <aneurin> spectre, not all
[03:05] <braingrind> hahaha
[03:05] <spectre> i've never met a hot wiccan
[03:08] <spectre> braingrind, i'm glad i could rant to you about wiccans
[03:08] <aneurin> haha
[03:09] <spectre> ok
[03:09] <spectre> and another thing
[03:09] <spectre> if you happen upon a group of wiccans
[03:09] <spectre> talk to them one by one
[03:09] <spectre> (not in a group)
[03:09] <spectre> and ask them to name ten beliefs of their "religion"
[03:09] <aneurin> they will fail
[03:10] <spectre> i can guarantee that the ten beliefs you get from each of them will be wildly different
[03:10] <aneurin> aye
[03:10] <braingrind> ming
[03:10] <aneurin> Not ISO, innit
[03:10] <spectre> at least all the other religions can manage to agree
[03:10] <aneurin> man, I lack graphics technology
[03:10] <spectre> wiccans can't even agree on a religion
[03:10] <spectre> fucking morons
[03:10] <aneurin> spectre, they're not true wiccans
[03:10] <spectre> wicca is like new age hippy bullshit
[03:10] <aneurin> in that most followers of any given thing are lame
[03:10] <spectre> for teenage girls that like buffy
[03:10] <aneurin> and few really do hold or understand the core tenets
[03:10] <spectre> and are fat and ugly
[03:11] <spectre> aneurin, i've not been able to find the core tenets of "wicca"
[03:11] <spectre> i don't think there are any
[03:11] <aneurin> look harder ;)
[03:11] <spectre> aneurin, plz find for me
[03:11] <spectre> chances are even if you DO find the core tenets
[03:11] <spectre> they will be fucking new age hippy bullshit
[03:12] <braingrind> spectre: each succesive wiccan on hotornot as been not :(
[03:12] <spectre> ugly pretend-bisexual teenage fat girls
[03:13] <spectre> i'd like to see them all choke on a collective dildo
[03:13] <braingrind> LOL
[03:13] <spectre> 8 foot long
[03:13] <braingrind> dude
[03:13] <spectre> and the shape of jesus
[03:13] <braingrind> LOL