Mysterious, secretive, shady QUANGO operating under the auspices of assisting in the publishing of books in the Welsh language.

Has been rumoured to contain toilet shaped women, weapons of mass destruction, secret underground laboratory, slave labour camp.

No one really knows what goes on in there. It is a schedule II monitoring item.

This is their lair:


Some have theorised that it is the only visible part of a huge underground complex which extends warren-like beneath the hills of Aberystwyth, with employees scooting around in electric buggies. This theory is equally probable as the others that have been devised so far.

Furthermore, the WelshBooksCouncil may be directly or indirectly involved in funding the GrepPlantation currently working in Thailand.

Even furthermore every cunt that works there drives a brand new Audi.

A lady who worked there (or got a plastic bag from there with “WELSH BOOKS COUNCIL” written on it in black latters) came to talk to us about learning Welsh and was dead keen about it. —Pthag 17:48, 27 September 2006 (BST)

Note. The hate of WelshBooksCouncil by the residents of stmh may be influenced by the fact that they have a far nicer building than us, and a better view.


Also note that the grass at stmh needs cutting again. It looked like that when I lived there! –Dyn