Modern day Tori.

Modern day Tori.

ay, hi i’m tori, the pagan, crossdressing, bisexual, vegetarian musician. I’m quite nice really 🙂 i just have a huge bitter streak… i like smashin’ pumpkins, rancid, counting crows, aphextwin and allsorts, i love my beer and ale and frequently embarass myself as a result of both… i like to party, i like to chill and I like to spend far too much time on mirc. i am your woman/man/weird hybrid thingy for music tech q’s and occasionally turn up in aber… don’t diss me, I will be moody at you and you will be mean to me and i will cry…I have a daughter who I adore, but came with no parenting instructions. I am also the partner of sausages who snores when he has hayfever and is a demon in the sack. He also cooks a wicked meal, but is never allowed due to the utter hellishness left in the kitchen.

I used to live in Portsmouth, the only reason I say this is so I can put in a link, and express my love for the city of my birth.

I now live inBrighton

I have cats even though I am allergic to them..

Currently living with my mate pete,Sausages and Gabby. I am currently addicted to time team and family guy, which is proof positive that I have no taste in televisual entertainment.

  • <tori> man, sausages and lambie just got in
  • <tori> both totally pissed
  • <tori> it’s soooo funneh
  • <bluec> rape them
  • <tori> lambie?
  • <tori> EWWWW
  • <bluec> fine, you go in the middle
  • <tori> *VOMIT*
  • <aimaz> close your eyes and imagine it’s two sausages
  • <bluec> so to speak

  • See here for my random internet activities, designed to provoke and annoy as much as I possibly can.