St. Mary’s Hall

St Mary’s Hall, otherwise known as STMH. A revolting smelly hovel precariously perched above Aber.

STMH is was a student house in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales. STMH had it’s very own website! . The JoeyNet there was run to military discipline, see TechnoPeasant, and ELord. Nowadays rumour has it that it is a run down shit hole, like it always has been but with less doors basically.

Nowadays STMH is a broken place, well past its prime. Nobody moves out without feeling relieved, relieved to be shot of “the empty crisp packet with doors”. No more public toilet standard facilities, boarded up windows, howling sinks or maggots/mice/moths inhabiting the kitchen(s). But it’s quite possibly relief at not having to pay £55 a week anymore to a landlord that pleads hardship and doesn’t seem to believe in maintenance. So what his wife pushes a hoover around and splashes water over a couple of plates? If the residents didn’t resent the place so much, maybe they’d help keep it cleaner. STMH is a sinking ship, and I for one hope the captain valiantly goes down with her. (Edit – I thought fish was alright – sausages)

Past Residents include Ferret, M0ng, kelly, aneurin, von, bluec, hypno, spectre, braingrind, Dyn, aimaz, emii, sausages, parag0n, O-Whine, dimitri, Glacius, Trygaeus, moriarty, funcan, sp0d, kenny, dof, Orakio, FordPrefect, Tri4d, Mr_T


Current residents of STMH include emii

Near STMH is the WelshBooksCouncil, and behind STMH there are the best views in Aberystwyth.

Just down the road is the PenglaisForest (

Rumoured to look like:

The similarities are obvious though. There is a lot more ivy now. It is completely covering the small window to the left of the house. The WelshBooksCouncil carpark is seen to the left.


Fish has decided to give STMH a “period make-over” and we’re not talking Tudor.


see Stmh/paintjob for updates


It really isn’t looking good for STMH


see stmh/abandoned for updates