Smoking etiquette

  1. The person who rolls the joint, gets to light it. They are the Builder.
  2. Pass the joint around in a clockwise fashion (See: Doobie_Doo). The owner of the gear, the Source, should have next dibs.
  3. Do not hang on the joint for too long – this is called a Bogart and is a serious breach of etiquette.
  4. If when smoking, someone asks for a sip of your drink, you must give them some, dry mouth is horrible and tortuous. A supplier of drink is also called a Refresher.
  5. If you ask for a sip of someone’s drink, take only that and NOT a gulp.
  6. It’s very impolite to pass someone the very end of a joint.
  7. Try not to get the end of the joint wet with saliva, this is called bumming or duck arsing.
  8. If a good friend runs out of weed and you have some spare, give it to him and he in turn will reciprocate in your time of need.
  9. Don’t skin up using someone else’s gear without asking.

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