Smokey Pete’s Stir Fry


  • soy sauce and some sessame oil
  • honey 1 to 2 large tablespoons
  • steak, chicken breast,pork loin belly or soy meat thing (yuch)
  • garlic lots
  • onion 1
  • a chilli
  • vegatables, i like leek, broccoli, sweet peppers and carrot but choose your favourites oh french beans or sugar snap peas are also good
  • a goodly handfull of nuts cashew
  • and paprika, peper and ginger


  1. slice your meat or meat substitute into thin slices and place in bowl take time it,s worth
  2. chop chilli, garlic, onions and ginger really finely and place in bowl with meat and the honey and soysauce about 1/4 a small bottle with paprika pepper and a spice which i cant remember maybe cinnamon or cardamon or another one like that mix well then leave covered
  3. whilst you prepare the veg, if your good with a knife leave the meat for 2 hours. If not youll be ok. And if you get bored dont do the carrot slice the leek horizontally into thirds, slice vertically in half then slice into strips. repeat for carrots the broccoli florets are removed from the stem in thumb sized pieces whilst you can leave the beans and peas whole
  4. heat a wok really hot and place the meat in draining off the marinade and most of the onions and garlic now keep stirring like hell or else
  5. when the meat has cooked add the cashew then the carrots stirring all the time and the rest of the onions and garlic but not the soy sauce
  6. next add broccoli then peas or beans waiting till each has cooked a little
  7. pour the remainder of marinade in and stir untill liquid has reduced serve and eat hot

use your descretion to quantities and the more your cooking the longer it takes, you have to put just a handfull of whatever at a time else it dont work as well and it all goes soggy