<@slashtom> woman was made for man
<@slashtom> that's why it's natural and normal for a woman to serve a man
<@slashtom> do his ironing, etc
<Aima_> slashtom, make sure you get a contractual agreement for that
<@Aima_> just in case
<Nikki> for what?
<@slashtom> for what?
<^Quasi^> put it in her vows, slashtom
<^Quasi^> "To live and to serve, to agree with everything Tom says"
<Nikki> thats never gonna happen
<@slashtom> isn't that in the vows already
<^Quasi^> no, not really
<Nikki> women will only do things like that if theyre employed and paid to do so
<@slashtom> a womans vow is to serve her husband
<^Quasi^> most people believe in this funny thing called "free will"
<^Quasi^> what does she get out of marrying you, slashtom
<Nikki> only if she chooses to make it
<Nikki> and theres nothing that says shes got to
* slashtom of course
 <^Quasi^> what a fucking shit deal
<@slashtom> plenty of hot sex as well :)
<^Quasi^> you get a servant, and she gets someone to serve
<Nikki> these days it is not uncommon for a woman to go out to work and for a man to stay at home and serve his woman
<^Quasi^> is she retarded or what?
<@slashtom> not at all
<^Quasi^> you've picked someone mentally disabled to be your bride, haven't you
<@slashtom> not at all
<@slashtom> she's very intelligent
<^Quasi^> you'll be demanding power of attorney from her next
<@slashtom> doesn't that come with marriage?
<^Quasi^> er, no
<@slashtom> should do
<@slashtom> :)
<Nikki> intelligent women do not give up their lives to serve men, dumb ones do
<^Quasi^> aye
<@slashtom> women in love, marry
<^Quasi^> ones who don't know any better
<@slashtom> she's no crazier than I