<slashtom> thanks
<spectre> what did you do?
<spectre> i mean, it must have been something for them to ban you on the bot
<slashtom> check email
<spectre> k
<slashtom> i didnt even insult him
<slashtom> or anyone
<spectre> hmm, you said that britain wasn't part of europe :/
<spectre> you should really stop saying that
<spectre> because its untrue
<spectre> i mean
<slashtom> maybe now
<spectre> we don't mind your opinions
<slashtom> but soon it will not be part of europe
<spectre> hombre
<spectre> i think its best if you check your geography books
<slashtom> UKIP has great momentum behind it
<slashtom> i'm talking politically
<spectre> i dont' care
<spectre> the thing that offends us isn't your support for a particualr political party
<spectre> its your refusal to face facts
<slashtom> the continental plate is irrelevent
<slashtom> we are also an island, which has place a massive part in shaping our country
<spectre> re-enter the channel
<spectre> the continental plate is relevant
<spectre> when you say britain isn't in europe
<spectre> you are saying that britain isn't in/on the european continental plate
<spectre> which is both factually incorrect and a lie
<slashtom> Britain is an island
<spectre> please consider this for one moment
<spectre> 1. islands are on continents
<spectre> 2. europe is a continent
<spectre> 3. britain is in europe
<spectre> 4. britain is an island
<spectre> being an island and being in europe are not mutually exclusive
<spectre> ok?
<slashtom> what goes on at plate techtonics, is irrelevent for politics
<spectre> we weren't talking politics
<spectre> you said britain wasn't in europe
<spectre> it was an island
<spectre> but both of those are irrelevant
<slashtom> not to mention, the body of water in between us and the continent
<spectre> we are on the continent.
<slashtom> we are not, we are separated from the continent
<spectre> see that webpage
<spectre> if you can't accept facts then i'm afraid there is no room for you on this channel
<spectre> if you missed it
<spectre> <FliPPy> slashUKIP: what continent are u on?
<spectre> flippy asked you which continent you were on
<slashtom> and i'm not on the continent
<spectre> ok
<spectre> that was your last chance
<slashtom> did i once insult anyone?
<spectre> sorry
<spectre> ok
<spectre> you can return when you learn to accept basic geography
<slashtom> we are an island
<slashtom> IT IS ON THE MAP
<spectre> i've explained this already
<spectre> i'm not interested
<spectre> goodbye