IRC Logs from a private IRC server running on stunet 2001/2

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[22:38] skinhead is ~tws9@ * THOMAS WILLIAM SALMON <br>
[22:38] skinhead on #aber <br>
[22:38] skinhead using mercury [[ AberChat]]  <br>
[22:38] skinhead from IP <br>
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[22:38] <skinhead> I have no intelligence <br>

[15:02] * skinhead used to do caffine, alcohol, nicotine, dope, poppers <br>
[15:02] * skinhead now only does caffeine <br>
[23:29] <skinhead> soviet state - how cool <br>

[00:00] <skinhead> matthew likes rich very much <br>
[00:01] <skinhead> matthew is a whore, and he makes dale winton look butch <br>
[00:01] * skinhead IS NOT CAMP <br>
[00:02] * skinhead IS NOT CAMP <br>
[00:02] <skinhead> anyone who meets matthew will realise that i aint camp <br>

[17:24] * skinhead doent give a shit no more <br>
[17:24] <skinhead> you accusing me of being anti-social <br>
[17:25] <skinhead> nothing wrong with that <br>

[13:10] <skinhead> so who's going to crusify jesus? <br>

[13:19] <skinhead> rm -rf /bin/jesus you meam? <br>

[23:32] <skinhead> wrong <br>
[23:33] <skinhead> bush has already planned to nuke the "evil nations" <br>
[23:33] <skinhead> i said when bush came into power that he'd start a war <br>
[23:34] <skinhead> just as the west makes progress with the iranian goverment - bush fscks things up <br>
[23:34] <skinhead> and just as south korea are talking to north korea - bush puts an end to that <br>

[14:45] <skinhead> i even pulled the bloke who showed me around on the open day <br>

[14:55] * skinhead has decided that promiscuity and sleaze is the way forward <br>
[14:55] <skinhead> get want you want without any of the unnecessary shit <br>

[23:41] <skinhead> you been socialising? <br>
[23:41] <skinhead> bad boy!!! <br>
[23:41] <skinhead> you need a good spanking <br>

[19:03] * skinhead is too much a socialist to give a shit about money <br>

[23:53] <skinhead> they want me boys!!!! <br>
[23:53] <skinhead> strange that, every irishmsn i've met i got on with very well <br>
<skinhead> why because i''m gay!!! <br>

[23:55] <skinhead> take my word for it, i know my knobs!!! <br>

[20:41] * skinhead to busy with random men <br>
[20:42] <skinhead> a b/f of a mate from 1st 1st year <br>

[23:27] <skinhead> floggings, hangings, stonings, crusifictions - bring  them back, lets get some justive back into society <br>

[23:28] <skinhead> so time to do some of the things io used to enjoy <br>
[23:29] <skinhead> like riding bikes, getting laid and having the occassional narcotic <br>

[00:10] <skinhead> poor dom, he's still desperatly looking for a g/f <br>
[00:11] <skinhead> oh yeah <br>
[00:11] <skinhead> i told him if ever he gets lonely looking ..... <br>
[00:12] <skinhead> although he says he s only interested in a relationship <br>  
[00:12] <skinhead> and i wouldnt want any of that shit <br>
[00:14] * skinhead doesnt want relationship, but i still told him he's welcome anytime <br>
[00:15] * skinhead doesnt want to get involved in all the emotional shit <br>
[00:16] <skinhead> relationships serve no purpose for gay men, IMO <br>

[00:16] <skinhead> i aint going to be bringing up kids <br>
[00:16] <skinhead> thats why, IMO, relationships serve no purpose for  people like me <br>
[00:19] <skinhead> the first time i had someone wanting to be my b/f, i agreed, but pulled somebody else the very next night <br>

[21:28] <skinhead> how the fuck can i be a drama queen? <br>

[22:04] * skinhead should go to manc some time <br>
[22:05] <skinhead> fancy doing canal street <br>

[20:52] <skinhead> are you suggesting that i am not bitter and twisted <br>
[20:52] <skinhead> i thought you knew me well enough <br>

[21:53] * skinhead feels a very big anti-social moment coming <br>


<slashtom> - WTF
<Mr_T> it's a sexuality chart
<slashtom> how can i be Very Straight/Very Gay?
<Mr_T> who knows
<slashtom> i prefered it being 'irrelevent'
<slashtom> which is most true
<Jonneh> jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu is hilarious
<slashtom> Mr_T: you're not on chart, are you embarrased about something ;)
<Mr_T> slashtom, why are you so interested?
<slashtom> should i stay away from you, for not only do you wish to set me on fire, but you may try more
<sausages> slashtom: i believe it was the same as the horshoe political spectrum model, where the extremes of left and right, or in your case straight and gay, meet
<Michael> i have to go
<sausages> :)
<Michael> bye
* Michael has quit IRC (Quit: !)
<slashtom> sausages: you're confused, or just wishful thinking
<Jonneh> bluec             WS
<Jonneh> wtf
<Jonneh> that's bullshit
<sausages> I know.. you're so hot.. I keep trying but you just wont have me, I want you, Tom, I need you, TAKE ME NOW
<Jonneh> bluec is gayer than a french horn
<slashtom> don't do that again
<slashtom> sausages: evil desire like that is not good for you. just leave me alone
<slashtom> in fact, please don't even look at me
<sausages> rofl
<Mr_T> oh yeah btw slashtom, you're going to hell
<slashtom> why?
<Jonneh> fuck you sausages: I wanted slashtom
<slashtom> Jonneh: you perv
<sausages> heh jonneh
<Jonneh> you love it you slag


Apr 24 21:23:28 <slashtom> i know my past is tarnished
Apr 24 21:23:35 <^Quasi^> evil lies, to pacify you
Apr 24 21:23:45 <^Quasi^> so you admit it, do you
Apr 24 21:23:51 <^Quasi^> despite calling me a liar
Apr 24 21:23:57 <slashtom> admit what
Apr 24 21:24:18 <^Quasi^> being a raving homosexual, of course
Apr 24 21:24:29 <^Quasi^> whether you are or now isn't the point
Apr 24 21:24:45 <slashtom> whether i was ill or not
Apr 24 21:24:53 <^Quasi^> well, were you "ill"
Apr 24 21:25:03 <^Quasi^> where ill == homosexual
Apr 24 21:25:17 <slashtom> homosexual is ill, if you ask me
Apr 24 21:25:40 <^Quasi^> where you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:52 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:53 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:53 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:54 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:54 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:54 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:55 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:55 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:56 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:56 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:56 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:57 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:25:57 <^Quasi^> were you "ill" in 2000/1/2/3
Apr 24 21:26:25 <slashtom> i was ill 2000/1/2
Apr 24 21:27:20 <^Quasi^> so why did you call me a liar, thus lying, which is a sin
Apr 24 21:27:31 <slashtom> i was not gay
Apr 24 21:27:42 <^Quasi^> gay == homosexual
Apr 24 21:27:57 <^Quasi^> and I did ask you if you were homosexual, and you lied and told me that you were not.
Apr 24 21:28:30 <^Quasi^> so you've lied
Apr 24 21:28:32 <^Quasi^> you've sinned.
Apr 24 21:28:35 <slashtom> no i was not, i had done nothing more than fallen victim to the devil's tricks
Apr 24 21:28:43 <^Quasi^> and you've sullied my name with your lies.
Apr 24 21:29:04 <slashtom> i would hope not
Apr 24 21:29:43 <^Quasi^> I'm afraid you have, nor am I forgiving you. Not until you apologise, publicly, and retract the statement in which you called me a liar.
Apr 24 21:30:23 <^Quasi^> that is the price of redemption, lest I hold a black mark against your name.
Apr 24 21:30:38 <slashtom> i'm sorry Quasi for any hurt i've caused. but cannot withdraw my statement, as i do not consider that i was gay
Apr 24 21:30:53 <^Quasi^> gay == homosexual
Apr 24 21:31:11 <^Quasi^> you admit that you were homosexual, or "ill" if you'd prefer to label it that way.
Apr 24 21:31:18 <^Quasi^> is or is that not true?
Apr 24 21:31:39 <slashtom> i admit, that the devil had got a hold of me