A new breed of “Ism” along with Racism, Sexism and Pansyism

Slashtom (Click on his name to see details of his lovablism) is being hunted by a mean pack of IRC-goes for having mildly differing views that, while colouring his outlook on life mildly, bear no effect whatsoever on his actions and personality.

It is a disgrace: one that should be cut short at all costs…

Please pettition at all times, in all places and with all manner of placards and sandwich packagings.


No silly its not his differing views, it’s his moralising, insults, assumptions and racial slurs.

They can’t help it, they’re devils. The scum of the earth, deserving worse than to burn for eternity in hell after experiencing the excruciating pain of being hung, drawn and quartered like sons of cannabilistic dogs they would if only they had the time to stop drooling like insane morons.

But only if they believe in it, which they don’t.

Quasi is a master at this art, his reasons are his own.

slashtom fucks horses. Fuck knows how.

I just hate him,and why not? Tori