<shigs> shes hot<shigs><shigs> she looks like a massive slut<Jonneh|mac> looks like a dude<erisian> HAHA that is blatantly a man<shigs> ITS A DUDE
<shigs> eww<shigs> i just sipped out of the water glass thinking it was ale


member of Faceache and probably the most fucked up person on PersonalityTest (Its a load of bollocks anyway). Jonneh still thinks i’m full of drugs, he will not believe i dont take them. SummerFestival was awesome, you’re all dumb for not going. The next trip is Swedentrip

Shigs2Shigz Please take the time to fill out the shigs2shigz petition to get shigs to change his name to shigz

He recently moved home because hes a grade A, emo pussy. It may or may not have had something to do with a hotgirl


<shigs> urrrhg i did a bad thing :<
<shigs> i woke up with a plane ticket to amsterdam
<shigs> getting drunk with beth = bad

 musings on shigs

  • Unable to tie baloons
  • Likes homosexuals
  • <aimaz> cat shigs | condom | slashtom | condom >> shigs
  • <shigs> dont take me so seriously, you will only be disapointed
  • Attracts enemy gaydar.
  • cant spell

<Mr_T> our shigs, who ‘art in lindisfarne, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in stmh as it is in PJM, give us this soy, our daily stress, and forgive us our shitness, as we forgive the cs dept, and lead us not into the dole queue, but deliver us from dave price, for thine is the kingdom, and the weed, and the glory, for ever and ever, amen

<gloomcookie> “does anyone have someone they dont want to end up like, as opposing to an idol?” <gloomcookie> “SHIGS, MISS”

shigs : master of the rant,pretends to be sexist for the purposes of amusement, but fails to do this with real conviction. Actually really sweet if you are upset and he likes you. If he does’nt and you feel unstable, just skip the preliminarys and O.D. Frequently claims that he “must do work” and always states the next day that he has “failed to do work”, this is reassuring, as like the rise of the sun it happens daily. Shigs has mastered the one liner, with such skill that it is on occasion blindingly good. However, bear in mind that at some point this will be levelled at YOU, particularly if YOU are SLASHTOM. peace shigs 😉 Tori

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Shigs is a secret nazi and Hitlerlover: