Man about town rakish cad (no longer. see [[Tori]] Lives upstairs in [[stmh]] (no longer see [[Bournemouth]] also [[shitbournemouthbedsit]] ) (no longer [[see nice house near brighton]]Never steal his kit... It fucking sucks, This router keeps
<sausages> i just got sent this msg by a 41 yo man on gaydar:<sausages> Hi,so how about roleplay in speedos with horny wrestling followed by bare ass spanking?  <sausages> i think ill reply with how about now<sausages> no<sausages> fuck<braingrind> hahahaha<sausages> ha<Aimaz> haha<sausages> hahaha<sausages> OPA<Aimaz> !ws sausages<solarian><sausages> oh you bastard