<Jonny> oh avril you're so sassy
<Jonneh> what a sassy prank
<Jonneh> you sassy right wing fags
<Jonneh> sassy ana fooling my autocomplete
<Jonneh> aneurin is a sassy lad
<Jonneh> sassy Mr_T
<Jonneh> i'm glad i didn't go out on your sassy sexcapades last night now
<Jonneh> he is a sassy lad!
<Jonneh> ivixor is a sassy eggdrop
<Jonneh> you sassy lad!
<Jonneh> you sassy rich
<Jonneh> sassy
<Jonneh> none of this sassy blue women alien sexing business
<Jonneh> that's what you get for being a sassy racist!
<Jonneh> that was sassy
<Jonneh> you sassy lad
<Jonneh> and one day jimmy dangerous, the sassiest of the programmers, one day found hi s code had come alive, and told him that he should escape and code for hte free software foundation instead
<Jonneh> you sassys
<Jonneh> you think i was going to join your sassy fag group of fags
<Jonneh> sassed by an eggdrop
<Jonneh> what a sassy liar i am
<Jonneh> matt you sassy chap why do you make everything public?
<Jonneh> you sassy druggies
<Jonneh> paganism sounds sassy
<Jonneh> shigs is a sassy lad with a non fruity hat
<Jonneh> I don't have an artificial leg you sassy lad
<Jonn0r> so sassy
<Mr_T> as Jonneh would say "sassy"
<Jonneh> oh bluec, you so sassy
<Jonneh> assuming you understand swing and how to write to files and other sassy stuff ^____^
<Jonnneh> oh slashtom you sassy lad, you got me there with a zinger
<Jonneh> on aneurin you sassy lad
<Jonny> it's shit, but the sassy mi5 rogue agent women is pretty hott
<Jonneh> my sassy new nickname is BigMcLargeHuge
<Jonneh> i sassed him about his shitty user friendly t shirt
<Jonneh> i think you mean cool as shit guy actually slashtom you sassy lad
<Jonneh> you sassy chaps
<Jonneh> sassy
<Jonneh> It sucks that they sensor out all the sass
<Jonneh> I'd have thought your sassy expensive laptop would support bluetooth
<Jonneh> they're just blocking out all this sassy bitching
<Jonneh> the sassy black man thwarted the efforts of those crafty chinese
<bluec> Jonneh: you're sasstastic
<Jonneh> sassy
<Jonneh> you sassy ivixor bot
<Jonneh> sassed
<Jonneh> I just sassed my group partner guy by telling him i've already finished what he's supposed to be doing
<Jonneh> <--- spectre you sassy chap... not again!
<Jonneh> how sassy
<Jonneh> sass
<Jonneh> ahahaha blueck you sassy chap
<Jonneh> and they cause immense suprise in the guests by acting all sassy
<Jonneh> one old guys monocle even flys off at the prospect of their sassy antics
<annie> <---- that's Jonneh a the Annual Cosplay Convention in London
<Jonneh`> oh crystal method, you sassy band
<Jonneh> oh bluec, you sassy internet guy you
<Jonny> sassing the internet king is a capital offence
<Jonny> turkey has the sassiest parliament in the world
<Jonneh> what's with the sassy apostrophe usagee?
<Jonneh> it's for the sassy people scared of internets!
<Jonny> sassy sebb
<Jonneh> then it had johnny depp being a sassy pirate
<Jonneh> but a swashbuckling sassy james bond
<Jonneh> what a sassy bot/guy
<Jonneh> oh blueck you sassy liad
<Jonneh> "hay ladies, tidal waves of blood shooting out of your vagina? try this new BUCKET, it will contain your crimson tide long enough for you to continue to be a smart sassy confident business women, although you'll have a bucket full of blood dangling between your legs
<Jonny> quasi has become very sassy lately
<Jonneh> what a sassy lad
<Jonneh> sassed
<Jonneh> what a sassy pm
<Jonneh> despite the fact she is neither, black, nor sassy
<Jonneh> infact why hasn't the 'sassy black guy/girl' archetype been ironed out of movies yet?
<Jonneh> oh you sassy slackware installation document
<Jonneh> do not sass the king of windows
<Jonneh> oh aimaz you sassy chap
<Jonneh> sass
<Jonneh> you sassy eggdrop!
<Jonneh> those sassy protestors
<Jonneh> sass + cocktease > blue hair
<Jonneh> oh blueck you sassy lad
<Jonneh> infact the sass of that last reply was so great that it cause my monocle to fly off
<Jonneh> sassy
<Jonneh> stonkin just sassed me
<Jonneh> you sassy lad
<Jonneh> braingrind is a sassy lad
<Ultima> Jonnneh: make a sassy t-shirt with all ur sassy quotes on, u would be the coolest guy inside your body
<Jonnneh> that would be a pretty sassy tshirt