Form of joke. No longer socially acceptable in ChannelAber .

Common format: In Soviet Russia <noun> <verb>s you.

Where the noun and verb are doing the opposite of what is accepted to be normal. However other forms are possible.

<hwpnw> in soviet russia.. you ping out of LYFE
<sebb> in soviet russia internet disconnects from YOU
<Mr_T> in soviet russia PINGs hit YOU
<swb> The former Soviet republic already has one of the highest death rates from heart disease in Europe.
<Mr_T> in soviet russia the day after tomorrow is yesterday
<Jonneh|gaymes> in soviet russia, hostages behead hostages
<Mr_T> in soviet russia, naked women see you
<Jonneh> in soviet russia, hard disks turn off you
<Mr_T> in soviet russia, you're the hard drive
<sebb_> "what happenned to you soviet russia? you used to be cool"
<Mr_T> "In soviet russia, CDs burn YOU!"
<sebb_> in soviet russia this joke would be funny
<sebb_> in soviet russia fiend drugs you!
<Mr_T> "In soviet Russia, web-browsers keep tabs on YOU!"
<Paraj0b> in soviet russia, viruses catch you!
<Mr_T_> in soviet russia, sticks enjoy YOU
<Quasi> in soviet russia, these jokes are still unfunny
<lucy> in soviet russia, time machines allow these jokes to still apply to a state which is no longer in existence