Rock Society, tuesday nights in the back of AberBars/TheAngel

and also on fridays at the AberBars/TheBay basement

Has its good days, Has its bad days. According to Sausages not as good as Sub where it seems you are allowed to do anything including drinking blood, buggery, kitten theft and whippet molestation in the mosh pit.

In grave contrast moshing is banned in AberBars/TheAngel, you are only allowed to dance like a Townie. Some tart will come up to you and tell you ‘I was in the commitee you know, no moshing’. Toy with him then destroy him.

Genres of music played: PunkMusic (if you count Blink182) and MetalMusic (if you count Korn).

I used to go in the first year, every week they’d play the same old combination of NuMetal, Industrial and RapMetal, although I think I maybe heard Slayer there once or twice. — Spectre

whoever DJs hasnt got any new music since 1997, i mean, how many times can you hear Davidian in one lifetime.