Real World. Welcome all geeks, this is a virtual simulation of the Real World just like that fictional film ‘The Matrix’. Welcome to the ‘desert of the real’ (Baudrillard). That this is not real should be clear to most real people but for those people who aren’t real, let it be made clear that this is real. If you think you are real and not sure then touch this screen. If your finger dissolves into the glass then you’re not real. If you dissolve and the glass stays firm then either you are under the influence of something which makes the real seem unreal or you are not real. Nevertheless, the drug is real and so are its effects, and so, the (logic) theory goes, are you. If this is too confusing then you are real to the extent that you are just a mirror image of yourself reflected back at yourself ad infinitum. If you are still reading then either you are a very slow reader or you are real. This text by the way ended already and so by continuing to read this you are admitting to yourself that you and/or the computer generated image are not real. If you still continue to read, knowing without question that there is no more information on this web page other than a repetition of the above then you are real, but only as long as you continue to read. When you stop reading, your existence will be terminated. That is, of course, providing you are not real. moriarty