Jiggle Pthag

aimaz> Pthag, i think i saw you once, some anti-fascists were throwing bricks at you

Was in Manchester studying physics. Moved to better place (Aberystwyth) to study better things (biology) in September 2006.

You could learn a thing or two from this one kennybadger

 Pronunciation Fun

The p is silent, teehee.

Ultima> So it’s t-hag then? What does the ‘t’ stand for, tortured, terrorist?

pronouced fag rite!

Quotes About

<shigs> You can stop telling me what to do<shigs> mr "i am an important gay"

Now with interweb palm power.

Now without because palm broke mysteriously in the night. The Buddha informs us all things are transient. How true this is, even today.