The Other Aber, as it is known refers to #aber on the IRC network BitterNet , which a large proportion of current users of ChannelAber formerly used at one time or another. For various reasons we left and created AberFreeNet .

As the Totalitarian Dictator from that Other channel says: <^Stuii^> this channel is really boring these days, it’s not like it used to be

Some other comments:

Rich> I wondered, previously, what it would be like to talk to the living braindead.
Rich> now I know.

When you live for three years in a shitty welsh town with only just enough people in it to see someone you don't recognise once per year it is essential to talk on irc rather than face to face. Said people should ideally be sitting at the computers next to you in order to make itmore nerdy. 00:01, 16 Sep 2005 (BST)