Mr_T owns various sweat shops, and money laundering front companies throughout the Ceredigion area.

He is a comedy genius and held in particular adoration by Slashtom see Abermen/Howto

He is a star, and should be bought alcoholic beverages frequently. Sometimes falls victim to unfair wiki adjustment by the aberwiki hypergay Slashtom see SlashEdit

Good friends with bluec, hypno, spectre, swb, beefalo and aimaz

victim of his own trust and generosity (MrTExploited, aneurin

<MrT> I am a non-entity

MrT is a TrueFriend !

<beefalo> MrT will you just be’ave

Currently existing in the BrainRoomLlanbadarn

Quite possibly involved with Spectre in the running of a top-secret Ascii child-porn ring. You heard it here first, folks!

Admits to being an opionated, social-outcast, well, almost.

Has future plans to be a sewage treatment worker.

I got a B in History, Maths, English, IT and English Clit

Explains very little, but says so much

<@Mr_T> I'm planning on weaning myself off this Internet malarky<@Mr_T> see how it goes<@wispy> Mr_T keep dreaming<@Mr_T> RIGHT YOU'VE DONE IT NOW* Quits: @Mr_T ( (Quit: blame wispy)<@bluec> THANKS WISPY<@wispy> senseitive little one isn't he?<@bluec> hence his nickname: the clitoris