It’s great. You should be using it. However, this kind of thing only makes Linux ghey and silly.

Warning, using GNU/Linux may cause you to believe you are more 1337 than Windows users. This is true. They also have small penises.

Tehy open-sorced teh wal!!!l

Overhyped and crap for most things. Great for building SSH tunnels though.

Many Distributions exist, some are good. Some require hand cranking merely to boot. Good Distributions include



Operating system of choice for Dr AdrianShaw

Getting M:/

Just wondering if anyone can give me tips on how to connect to my M:/ using Ubuntu? I’m tired of doing it over FTP. Windows makes the whole process painless (unusual), why does Linux have to be difficult with me (nautilus crashed every time I connected using the settings I tried). Jack 12:50, 28 November 2006 (GMT)

If you give us a bit more information about what you were doing we might be able to help, were you using smbmount to mount the samba share into your file system, or using nautilus to browse remotely? You should come on channel if you want some real help 🙂 Ultima 23:15, 28 November 2006 (GMT)
Get smbfs or smbtools (apt-get install, emerge, whatever) then open a terminal, su up or sudo -s or sudo bash because not using a root shell is lame and if you are too stupid not to break you system then go kill yourself. Next: mkdir /mnt/mdrive;mount -t smbfs //netbiosnameorwhatever/sharename /mnt/mdrive or mount -t smbfs //ip/sharename /mnt/mdrive and you might needto compile your own kernel with smb support (use make menuconfig and in the file system section under network file systems) although chances are you are using a gay generic kernel the only merit of is that it will most likely have everything compiled as module +autoloader meaning that it will probably already have smb support ability. Also, nautilus, lame. Start of using linux at the command line. I get really annoyed today by all the linux users that say linux is awesome it teachs you this and that but they have just used linux with gui and have no idea about using bash, so if you want to learn install linux without x, don’t use ubunut use debian as it is better for learning even though it is probably more complex than ubuntu, then move upto ubuntu when you understand the command prompt.