See also: Eyties

<Ana> erk the earthquake changed the map of asia
<Ana> also moved the axe of the earth
<sheep> the axe?
<braingrind> hur
<Ana> axa
<sheep> ah, the axa.
<braingrind> lol
<sheep> that’s hard to do
<braingrind> you mean axis
<Ana> axa is romanian
<Ana> you understand
<Ana> sheep they just said that on tv
<Ana> actually the italians
<sheep> Ana: so we’re wobbling differently?
<sheep> and it’s putting out the italians?
<Ana> that was for a moment sheep
<aneurin> woah
<sheep> Ana: so the axis isn’t permanently changed?
<Ana> i didnt ask
<sheep> well, if it isn’t, then i don’t know what the italians are complaining about.
<sheep> i swear, those people just /love/ to bitch
<Ana> they didnt complain
<Ana> they just said that
<Ana> the scientists
<Ana> hahaha
<Flx> I don’t believe them
<Flx> Italians are notorious liars
<Ana> well seems like some islands were moved few meters
<sheep> don’t believe the italians.
<sheep> in fact, don’t even believe in them.
<Flx> I never saw the wobble change, so it can’t be true
<Ana> this is not something that italians said
<sheep> italians don’t really exist
<sheep> Ana: see? the italians are already trying to confuse you with what they didn’t say.
<sheep> they’re tricky like that
<Flx> which they don’t have anyway, as they don’t exist…
<Flx> unless their eyes exist without them. hmmmmm…..
<Ana> haha
<Flx> regardless, don’t look anywhere, incase they aren’t there!
<sheep> Flx: their eyes /have/ to exist, because they are damned. Oh, DAMN THEIR EYES!
<Flx> erk
<sheep> now do you see why the italians can’t be trusted? their trickery exists even though they don’t! it’s in the eyes!
<sheep> i really wish they’d stop not saying and saying things, it causes nothing but trouble for everyone.
<Flx> indeed