Grouphug is a confession website most recently re-stumbled upon by teddy, these poor people come comfess their sins to make them feel better, but just end up as entertainment for miscreants like us.

Some of the confessions are really sad but others are just funny.

Some classics: sometimes I wonder if people can see when I have a boner and if so what do they think I once had sex in a hotel room with a washed up rockstar and his balls smelled like sweaty leather. i am pretty sure that i am retarded and that all my friends are taking extreme care to not let me know. one time, when i was masturbating, i got it in my eye and it hurt pretty bad. When i saw my mom she asked why my eye was red and i said it must be allergies. Im really careful when i do it now. I hide various random components to my roommates juicing machine. This one time i was having sex with my girlfriend and was pounding her hard then she said “This is my first time” then i said “Sorry to burst your bubble” we laughed then i jizzed on her face. I recently moved to Germany, when I think no-one is watching me I goose march in public places.

<url?> I cant wait for a full blown nuclear winter. We need to start over.

Shocking exposé

Aimaz tried clicking on the moderate button where you get to decide what new stuff goes on and well I found this…

If anyone gets a URL for this please post it here.

Feel free to add to this 😀