Language spoken in Greece.

List of all Greek words

opa = whoops
malaka = wanker
mouni = cunt

Out of these words it is possible to form any sentence.

“opa malaka” – A common greeting
“opa opa opa” – roughly translated means “I appear to have soiled myself” (TheGreeks do this often)
“mouni opa” – roughly translated means “Wow, that chick is hot” (There are many HotChicks in Greece)

Some examples of Greek used in everyday speech on ChannelAber :

<aneurin> mouni opa! *fwap* opa opa opa :(

The internet produced this poem about poo:

Skata na fas, skata na pieis, skata na pas na xeseis, ap’ta skata na shkotheis kai sta skata na peseis – Skata edo, skata ekei, skata kai parapera, skata pano sthn gh, skata kai ston aera.

free translation: eat shit, drink shit, shit ( <- shit as a verb) shit, get up from shit and fall to shit, shit right here, shit there and shit over there, shit on the earth and shit on the air) I know this is not supposed to be funny at all but anyway bear in mind it does rhyme in greek.