The belief that Elleo is a God

The belief derived from the fact that Elleo is made of pure win, is always willing to help others, and everybody (quite frankly) worships him.

Generally, people seem to spend their time hassling Elleo constantly, especially where java is concerned, normally around a fortnight before an assignment deadline. He doesn’t seem to mind. He just takes a look at your pastebinned code, and within a minute, he’ll get back to you with something he’s noticed…

I swear he thinks in Java… It’s unnatural 😛

So Elleo can perform miracles, (raising Java Projects from the grave, healing Java etc.) he is worshipped, he is kind and merciful, and he is omniscient (as in, he always seems to know about everything you ask him)

All those factors put together leads us to the conclusion that Elleo is God.

–Pyro 22:05, 9 March 2009 (GMT) (The first prophet of the church of Elleo

Quotes about Elleo

 "His brain is a compiler man" (Ironlung)
 "Can we not put a halo on his picture?" (Chegwin)
  <jobdone||B23> One day i may touch him...  <kit> lmao  <kit> ONLY THE CLEAN AND WORTHY
  <Chegwin> Who amongst you sinners are now followers of Elleontology?  <Kit> I shaved my head in dedication.  <Chegwin> Kit: I bowed down to him the other day  <Chegwin> I received the good news from his prohet: Pyro!  <Pyro> Chegwin: I started Elleontology :P  <Chegwin> We must cast out the devil within Welp
  <slightlymad> I think I've only asked him for proper help once  <slightlymad> s/asked him for proper help/prayed to him for divine assistance/
  * welp starts a new religion  <welp> welpontology  <Pyro> nah, it sounds better if it's welpism  <Chegwin> What does your religion offer that Elleontology doesn't, Welp?  -!- welp was kicked from #42 by Steffy [BLASHPHEMY AGAINST Elleo!]

Elleo is very modest… He doesn’t do the whole “YOU WILL WORSHIP ME” thing. Quite the opposite

  18:08 <@Pyro> you realise that I will quite literally be getting on my knees and bowing before you                everytime I see you?  18:09 <@Elleo> hur  18:09 <@sapphz> :D that would be funny can i film it?  18:09 <@Elleo> I'd take it as a kindness if you didn't ;)

I’m not the messiah, I’m a very naughty boy.