Destroyer of worlds.

I study Debian/linux in my spare time. [IT’S DEBIAN GNU/LINUX] I watch tv and listen to music and like StatingTheDreamaker . Plus I am an exclusive member of fucked up and unemployed organization. [IT’S ORGANISATION] Dreamaker is AMERICAN. The spelling for organization is correct in the United States.

<dreamaker> i hope all of you vomit in the morning or at least wake up with a very bad headache

Woha. Handbags! /ferret

What the hell does this mean?–dreamaker

Dreamaker to you

is just an american?

But she is teh cool.

Confirmed to be on the look out for a mating partner (must be British).

This man is reported to have woken up with Dreamaker. Last seen at Gatwick…


Dreamaker runs a fine site at http://www.dreamaker.orgĀ :