A.K.A danux (not to be confused with hypno

Living above AberBars/Rummers. now living in digbeth, birmingham Make that Norwich! Making things for insurance companies and capitalists.

1st (bitch), now in secondthird year. passed first time, thus proving mightier than mentor, Oliver

knows Oliver

Not a real compsci as knowledge ends at anything beyond the Internet. Rumored to have something to do with Amarus, also rumored to have had its name chosen from the first page in the Big Book of Baby Names. Disgraced computer scientists by opting for a career that involves being paid to use facebook and twitter.

Twitters too much has a blog

<Mr_T> Jollyver’s Daniel-san

Gets ID’ed for baccy at co-op

Favorite chat up line: “my mate’s gay, will you get off with him” Although Dan never used this chat up line… He was the gay one. And no… she never “got off” with him.