CoOp is where practically all campus students shop, seeing as its the only place nearby. Usually filled with IncompetentStaff that make checking out take far longer than it should.

will ask you at least three questions every time you buy some thing:

Q: “do you have a dividend card?” A: shut up.

Q: “would you like one” A: shut up.

Q: “do you want coupons to save money on something you dont want to by?” (e.g. pots and pans, stuffed animals) A: shut up!

Aziramai is reasonably competent, I suppose. And steev has been known to occasionally display some level of competence. Note: always take ID when buying beer on a Saturday night..

Also usually filled with people who have escaped into the real world from #aber to buy beer, pesto and otherwise abuse the CoOp staff who would have otherwise been able to sit around and do nothing.

(Not to be confused with the Coop, the smallest room on any given penbryn floor, created by simple expedient of putting a bed in a broom cupboard.)

UPDATE: Dividend cards no longer exist! Now they’re membership cards and are yellow and white and other than that about the same as the old ones.

If you go into coop 2 minutes after it closes, steev tells you off :'<