WEASEL IS THE COMPLETE AND UTTER PROPERTY OF NO-ONE! HOWEVAR! He is rather too affectionate towards his monster feet slippers which some believe is a serious mental problem. But he is affectionately loved by his eldest sister Pyro who will abandon hippies and pacifism and beat several kinds of crap into whoever bothers Weasel. ^_^ Love you sis! <3 – Weasel

Has suffered bad experiences at the hands of KaunMoth and Narcissus in first year, and now has to live with Narcissus this year. And now potentially have to sleep with him at GregynogManaged to avoid sleeping with Narcissus at Gregynog… Instead got extremely drunk and set fire to his own knee, before staggering back and discovering that 3 bottles of red wine somewhat hinders your ability to use dmesg to debug mobile broadband hardware issues

Has a very lush arse, that must be a transplant from some random woman. Methinks Sapph is a little obcessive about my woman’s arse. Methinks she is jealous. – WeaselNo, everyone else agrees – jobdone

  • Is Sapphire’s and Wonderwoman’s new pet gremlin
  • Likes to embarrass himself in Comedy Works by saying that his name is actually Weasel. Because it’s better than being honest then being called ‘Dick’ by the MC for the rest of the evening. (And i’ve already repeated that stunt this year from the front row) – Weasel
  • Likes to play with fire while under the influence.
  • Has introduced Pyro and Sapphire to the fine art of powe rsliding a very old landrover.
  • Pirate status: Depends on the tide
  • Blames Edilith for encouraging molestion from KaunMoth, Narcissus, Sapphire etc.
  • Is *not* the #house sex toy. >:-(
  • Owns stupid plants
  • Abuses Cobbler on a regular basis
  • Aledgedly has Sexsomnia. (The ability to have sex whilst asleep)
   <CMOT-Weasel|Aber> I want a small heavy metal drummer field                      mouse called Gerald :-(   <Sapphire>         lol   <CMOT-Weasel|Aber> I want him to play like a monkey on Speed                      and then set fire to the entire stage at                      the end of each gig. :-(

Worryingly, I don’t remember saying this.. Although it sounds like something I would say¬†:-/ – Weasel

Owned (since deceased) a venus fly trap. It appears to be mutating.

  <jobdone> if evolution has taught me anything, its that it should've grown a vagina by now


   <CMOT-Weasel> Shit! something small and black just shot off into my crotch!

Ahem, I was taking my MP3 player apart.. What the hell did you think it was?! I am not welp! – Weasel

   [02:18 @ AberLAN house] <CMOT-Weasel> I got buggered for most   of my music lessons
   <Afal> what horrifies you more. Balifor or Sapph?   <CMOT-Weasel> Sapph. Larger penis.   <CMOT-Weasel> Nuts like bowling balls.   <CMOT-Weasel> Combination is lethal   <Afal> What the fuck   <Afal> that's very nearly a haiku
   <slightlymad> CMOT-Weasel is like the devil   <CMOT-Weasel> i am ^_^   <slightlymad> he tries to tempt you to do bad things     * CMOT-Weasel sits in his chair, squints and stokes his pussy menacingly
   <Slightlymad> Weasel has lovely eyes

Has been molested in RichardShipman’s office by RCS and Sapphire

14:44  * CMOT-Weasel abandons Graywolf's office14:45 <@The_Damned> gd idea i thinks15:05 <@Graywolf> Why is CMOT-Weasel and sapphz still in my office?15:05 <@Graywolf> s/is/are/15:05 <@CMOT-Weasel> buggered if i kniw15:05 <@CMOT-Weasel> I@M SPINNING15:05 <@CMOT-Weasel> HEKLP15:05 <@CMOT-Weasel> thanks Graywolf15:05  * Graywolf spins CMOT-Weasel15:05 <@CMOT-Weasel> SPINNING!]15:05 <@CMOT-Weasel> HEKP15:05 <@CMOT-Weasel> HHELP15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> woo, i've stopped15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> quite dizzy15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> THE OTHER WAY15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> thankyou15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> fuck15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> UNWIND ME!15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> now i feel short15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> i hate you both15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> I AM NOT A SWINGBALL15:06 <@CMOT-Weasel> >.<15:08 <@steffy> 0_o
@CMOT-Weasel: slightlymad: it's alright, i'm still wearing a towel.
<CMOT-Weasel> I'm not sure if this is jizz or water...
< Redache> CMOT-Weasel turned up to put the boot in< Redache> tbf if it involves CMOT-Weasel you're usually going to lose on the popularity side
< CMOT-Weasel> Damn I look hot in a dress!