CancerGirl rocketed to eStardom last week when she made the papers after a group of sickos set fire to her hair.

On the 2nd of December 2004 she made the front page of the BBC News wales section, within a matter of hours her image was seen across the globe inspiring at least one original work of art within 24 hours.

Since then her fame has spread to other respected publications as TheSun, The DailyMail and the EveningTimes.




CanncerGirl, known simply as Bianca Powell before gaining her superhero powers, will no doubt be most impressed about making into the somethingawful forums ( and of course now on the AberWiki.

CancerGirl also was given a sum of money by TheSun to pay for surgery, Uri Geller donated £5,000 to this amount.

CancerGirl Haiku

CancerGirl you had
a brain tumour and no hair.
Now the tumour’s gone.

In four more years
you’ll be legal and your
hair will be back. Date?

Some girls say they’ll
be washing their hair tonight.
But you’re free right?

Brain tumour was yours
Lovely locks were yours aswell
Now you have neither.