Broadcast Radio

I wanna be a DJ and play cool trax… unless you live in aber, and you’re reduced to listening to:

I also really want to be a DJ and play cool tracks – maybe we should arrange some kind of pirate radio ventureĀ šŸ˜› – Swb

  • Radio Bronglais (87.8 FM) – Hospital radio station with a very low power transmitter (watch out for Dyn’s pre-recorded sustain programmes that they still broadcast on a regular basis)
  • BBC Radio Cymru – Welsh radio in Welsh for the welsh
  • BBC Radio Wales – Welsh radio in English for the welsh, or for the English who can’t find Radio 4
  • BBC Radio 1-5 – Radio funded by the TV license… does that make sense?
  • Radio Ceredigion (103.3FM) – Hahahahahaha
  • Real Radio Wales – Actually not bad, but I can’t remember the frequency