Nah, I think the ‘bunch of cunts’ label was still more accurate. And where the fuck has this attack of political correctness come from?

Opinions about individual people on BitterNet is mixed, however AberFreeNet was born out of a general dislike of the philosophy of BitterNet . BitterNet regulars are welcome to come and chat on AberFreeNet , providing that the AberFreePhilosophy is understood, which we understand can be difficult to grasp for some.

Update: Is waging a bizzare [ propaganda] campaign against AberFreeNet , pointing to several assumptions and misunderstandings and claiming them as proof that AberFreeNet is not as Free as it seems. Several theories exist as to the reasons behind OtherAber’s obsession over AberFreeNet , though Bitterness is a factor in most of them.

No propaganda hyaah.

BitterNet is also known as AberNET