In a shocking expose of Arriva trains security procedures it has been revealed that Brummies could get to aber with relative ease. This worrying fact was uncovered after a member of ChannelAber went undercover on the Arrive trains service between Birmingham and Aberystwyth.

Here are revealed the circumstances that all add up to a dangerous oversight that could see Aberystwyth over-run by gun-toting brummies, during the 3 hour train ride which passes through Shrewsbury, Welshpool and Machynlleth on the way, the undercover member’s ticket was never checked. Brummies obviously can’t afford a train ticket, so we are calling for an immediate improval of train ticket checking to improve the situation. Also the train ran from Birmingham New Street in central Birmingham where brummies walk around freely in the middle of the afternoon a time when the most dangerous brummies may well be awake. So we are also calling for the train to run on in the cover of morning when most brummies will still be recoving from a near fatal crack overdose the previous night.

Do you want to see Aberystwyth filled with dirty, swearing, gun-toting, drugged-up, theiving brummies? Aberystwyth is an ideal place for a child to be raised, we cannot risk this being destroyed by an influx of violent brummies just because train authorities are too lazy to check the train tickets.

If you live in Birmingham, then being awake is not necessarily a desirable state.
– Tony Wilson