An official list of countries on the AxisOfEvil is hard if not impossible to come by. That’s possibly because it’s a idiotic throwaway commen better suited to a substandard hollywood action movie.

In order to get an idea of the countries on the list you have to read GeorgeWBush‘s past speeches on the subject.

Those mentioned in the first speech were.

Added later were

A good idea of the AxisOfEvil may be obtained by looking at where current US export restrictions lie.

“Product of this shipment may not be accessed either physically or computationally by nationals of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, NorthKorea, Sudan or Syria, except that commercial consignees described in Supp. 3 to 742 of the Export Admin Regulations are prohibited only from giving such nationals user-accessible programmability.”

Although Burma is not restricted by US Export Laws some states and cities have policies that disallow companies trading with Burma.