May or may not be User:Annie, who was brutally murdered and became einna…

DarkSoul….you speak of his name?

Yes….i do

What do you want to know?

His…his real name……age…hometown…erm…..

Hmm… what price shall you pay?

All my money! Please! Let me know! 10,212 gill!!

Ah, then it is done. Please sit down. I will only tell you this once.

Thank you mighty shaman!


He is called Aneurin Westwood, but only by people his trusts and understands, but to those who fear him, it is DarkSoul. He is said to be 341 years old, but the truth is that he is 15. He was born on an unholy moon in Panteg Hospital, on the 4th October 1984. He lives in Croesyceiliog in the town of Cwmbran, South Wales, United Kingdom.

Wha…What does he actually do?

Well, Aneurin enjoys listing to Techno (etc.) and drawing, on computer and on paper, as you can see, all the graphics here are by Aneurin. I cannot speak more of him now. Your quest for knowlage is over.

What! Thats all!?

Leave me now!!!

Or may DarkSoul damm you to eternal pain!!!!