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Historic Quotes


<shags> i said lets run away from manchester half joking<shags> and she said shes thought about that and also about moving in with me and making babies<shags> shes so fucking gloriously insain<swb_> shags, sounds like you should avoid her at all costs<shags> fuck that swb_<shags> ive been doing that since June<shags> it sucked<swb_> is she fit<shags> i still thought about her every day<shags> yeah<swb_> and do you like her or just want to sleep with her<hypno> isnt this the mentalist who tried to push you down a lift shaft or something<shags> im crazy about her, not just her torso<swb_> hahaha whatever<hypno> if so doesnt that disqualify her<swb_> <shags> i think i love her :( :(<swb_> shags you are so fail


<Mr__T> bum chisels * aimaz has quit (Ping timeout)<Mr__T> shit<Mr__T> I wanted to say HI to aimaz<spectie> but instead you said 'bum chisels'<spectie> interesting how your mind works, Mr__T
<Ulti> Jonneh: http://britfa.gs/lit/src/128914937322.jpg<Ulti> the most British dog<Jonneh> that dog is a true gent<Jonneh> i would be honoured if he asked to marry my daughter<Ulti> you would have to sex a lady for that dream to come true

3rd August

<spectie> Mr__T, go and make the purchase<spectie> if it is 650quid<Mr__T> kingfsher 20s are pretty cheap<spectie> i spend that on replacement airline tickets in a year<Mr__T> hahahaha<braingrind> HAHAHA<braingrind> sadly buying a ruined boat won't make you miss fewer flights spectie
* Millsie just updated the ESPN UK site<@Millsie> :<@Millsie> SCARED<@hypno> err<@hypno> The web page at http://espn.com might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.<@Millsie> >_>
<Jonneh> i once had an idea in secondary school that buses should have 2 drivers<Jonneh> and the bus software would take the average of the two drivers actions<Jonneh> i'm not sure what sort of problem i was trying to solve...<Jonneh> maybe incase one of the drivers goes nuts and tries to run people over<Jonneh> and he'll only be half as effective
<spectie> a lot of girls are born without sense of humour, Jonneh <spectie> s/girls/people<shigs> s/girls/corncobs<spectie> LOL shigs <spectie> s/a lot of/all<spectie> s/sense of humour/limbic system/g<shigs> HAHA<shigs> all corncobs are born without limbic system, peace out<Jonneh|mac> I cannot understand this regex humour


15th September

<fragalot>  /msg slightlymad *huggles* - I may be one in a million, but you're one of a kind :P<fragalot> argh<pthag> gay<fragalot> ignore the above plz<op-bot> you're such a homo<hypno> you only do that once

9th August

<braingrind> spectie just a few minutes ago i was wondering how the greeks managed to get into the eu<braingrind> then i thought about telling you that<braingrind> then i remembered that every time i saw you i was surprised that you were still alive<spectie> LOL<braingrind> same kind of feeling i get when i see that greece is in the eu<spectie> hahahaha

6th July

<spectie> "Benedict Wong" is a fantastic name<hypnox> haha<hypnox> sounds like a revolting 70s cocktail<parag0n> eggs benedict and a double of vodka<parag0n> blended<hypnox> aye<hypnox> get me a benedict wong, and easy on the eggnog<hypnox> the sort of thing that m0ng_ drinks<spectie> haha hypnox<spectie> <parag0n> eggs benedict and a double of vodka<spectie> <parag0n> blended<spectie> HAHAHAHAA<spectie> it'd be a bit _eggy_

19th June

<shigs> pthag i like this guy<pthag> but he's a priest<pthag> :x<pthag> wait he could be a jesuit<pthag> jesuit cancels out priest<pthag> yesssss<shigs> he is<pthag> okay that's fine<shigs> whats the distinction?<spectie> haha<pthag> jesuits are elite science monks who have a rocky relationship with the Rome<pthag> of the sort where the Pope shouts YOU'RE OFF THE CASE, BROTHER DOMINIC<pthag> and then Brother Dom. says<pthag> I DON'T THINK SO, PAPA, GOD SAYS OTHERWISE<pthag> then he puts on his sunglasses<pthag> and goes and writes books about science or china or whatever<shigs> haha<shigs> china or WHATEVER<shigs> or ducks

20th February

<hypno> peanut allergies revaled to be linked to fussy whining brats<hypno> (the parents)<Jonneh> they were so fussy that they caused their esauphogus to swell up<hypno> esauphogus<Jonneh> i googled it<hypno>  then made up your own spelling anyway


11th September

<swb> zohan eh<swb> more like zoltan<spectie> zoltan<spectie> haha<spectie> yes<swb> Z<Mr_T> more like zoltan<spectie> Z<hypnow> Z<spectie> LOLOL<swb> haha for a crap film we sure remembered that well

10th March

<Mr_Soaking> it should be mr_ready_to_collapse<hypnow> swb you'd better get  home quick<hypnow> Mr_t reverts to a peasant lifestyle when youre away<hypnow> and/or shipwreck survivor<Mr_Soaking> haha, true<hypnow> 'walked five miles in the rain to buy a potato, but only had 15p, and the shop was shut'

23rd February

braingrind (braingrind@cpc2-norw8-0-0-cust898.pete.cable.ntl.com) has joined #aber<braingrind> hmm<braingrind> Mr_T i took out graphics card<braingrind> resolution is now funny<Jonneh`> put it back in you dummy braingrind has quit (Client exited)

14th February

<Mr_T> DAMN IT<Mr_T> I drew in a game of scrabble<Pthag> that's pictionary

27th January

<Mr_T> we were taught "I have broken my X"<braingrind> lol<Mr_T> and so people were calling out suggestions, arm, back, promise, so I said ASBO<braingrind> LMAO<Mr_T> dw i wedi torri fy ASBO i<Mr_T> and was asked "wyt ti wedi torri dy ASBO di erioed?"<Mr_T> have you ever broken your ASBO?<Mr_T> which I haven't!

23rd January

<spectie> http://madrid.en.craigslist.es/w4m/517160679.html<spectie> jesus woman<spectie> spanish spelling isn't difficult<spectie> get it right<shadebug> spectie: from what I'm seeing she's making mistakes with all the bits of spanish that aren't easy<shadebug> Bs, Vs, Cs, Ss, Zs<spectie> shadebug, _all_ of them<shadebug> yes, well<spectie> like imagine an english sentence where every word had a misspelling<shigs> you rang?

peepol mite not get this unless they done know wat bad speller i am.