<lulu> i made a huge cut on my knee yesterday by sitting down and smashing my knee into the perfect right angle on the side of my aluminium case
<braingrind> good story

<braingrind> i was in the toilet downstairs cause i woke up with really bad stomach ache and diarhea
<braingrind> so ive called in sick
<Mr_T> hahahaha
<bluec> good story

<braingrind> we were walking home and there was a grate over a drain, and i was like dont step there you might get stuck tehn i did an impression of GIRL with her heal stuck, “help, help, im stuck”
<braingrind> its a goodstory

<braingrind> yesterday when the hot girl came in i was about to fart
<hypno> goodstory

<braingrind> haha bluec was in the house
<braingrind> i got a peice of ginger root
<braingrind> i pointed at him
<braingrind> then at it
<braingrind> then at him
<braingrind> then at it
<braingrind> soon thereafter, he hit me
<braingrind> goodstory, eh?

<swb> I was at a festival once
<swb> and I was really thirsty
<Oliver> good story