WorkSafe : describes a picture or website deemed to be safe for office viewing
Has a rating scale from WorkSafe (0) to WorkUnSafe (6)

When used on IRC can be indicated with the syntax:

  • 0 : Harmless. A site about kittens. You could show your Grandma.
  • 1 : General website. Might be slightly risqué , or involve mild swearing.
  • 2 : Naughty. Offensive to old people. Not defendable as being in any way work related.
  • 3 : Softcore porn (topless/bikini). No muffshots. As seen in Tabloid newspapers.
  • 4 : Full frontal nudity. No penetration. Legal in uk porn mags.
  • 5 : Hardcore Porn. Penetration / Erect penises / Cum etc. See m0ng
  • 6 : Instant Dismissal from all but the most tolerant employers. Possible police involvement. See Spectre


  • Pictures of clothed HotChicks fall into category 2.
  • Pictures of HotChicks in swimsuits/leotards are category 3.
  • Pictures of ‘Camel toes’ or other skintight costumes are category 3.5.
  • Anime and/or cartoons and/or drawings shall be treated AS IF THE SUBJECTS ARE REAL.
  • ANY Suggestive picture of anyone who IS or APPEARS TO BE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD is ALLWAYS category 6 See example
  • School uniform shall always be considered a category 6 unless
    • (a) The wearer could NEVER be considered to be younger than 21 (cat as appropriate) or
    • (b) The wearer is fully clothed and in an inocuous pose (not Suggestive)(category 2)
  • Bukkake shall be considered 4 even if there is no nudity (face only)
  • style images (dismemberment etc) shall be considered 5
  • Spectre shall consult with someone more in touch with reality before applying classifications. Alternatively the SpectreSkew algorithm can be applied to arrive at a standard rating from a SpectreRating .