sp0d is currently a crutch bearking crip (see even further below for details)

WARNING! sp0d IS NOW A FATHER! (see below for more details)

After one problem start, it has now been confirmed that Sp0d is attempting to breed again.

Busy looking for jobs at the moment, do not spend as much time on irc as I used to.


Too busy to keep wiki pages up to date either.. lazy c**t.



  • wuffles*

I make and I sell soap. err, no I mean computers, I always get that mixed up.


Sell some to spectre.

Soap or computers?.. I guess he needs both. Lets just hope he doesn’t get them mixed up and electrocute himself.


Dylan was born on 2nd Sept at 12:32pm weighing 7lb 13oz, photos here – http://www.ourlittleplace.org.uk/dylan/

Disturbed sleep a plenty now, just like being in halls…


sp0d, Blu and Dylan attended the Ynyslas BBQ in March, photo containing us here – http://gallery.ivixor.net/ynyslas_bbq_mar05/p3200002


After a long stay in Bronglais (Sat 16th to Mon 25th April 2005), which required ambulance transport there, I am out on crutches. I managed to break my ankle “very well” according to the consultant and currently have plates and screws in there and a huge blue fibreglass cast over the ankle. All this because I thought I was at the bottom of the stairs, when in fact I was just 3 steps up!

couple of photos here (yes, I had only been home a few hours, and yes I didn’t shave in hospital) – http://www.ourlittleplace.org.uk/crutches/