also known as.. IRC/I.R.C

What IRC looks like if you are living in 1998.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat

IRC is a special place on the internet where people come together (but more often fall apart) to chat about all manner of inane subjects and ridicule fellow people.

To use IRC you need a client. Or if you can’t or wont install a client you can use it on the web at

Under Windows [tm] or Linux, it is reccomended you use XChat which you can get from (Linux) (Windows). More 1337 Windows users may also wish to sample the delights of mIRC (

You will also need to know a server to chat on – like, the AberFreeNet network (known as AFNet) Connect your irc client to and you will be redirected to a random AFNet server. The most popular channel is of course #aber (See ChannelAber), there is also #shells (See ChannelShells and a few others. Anyone is free to create a channel, of course.

All you need now is a decent nick, which is like a handle on CB radio or in that film ‘Hackers’.

[erm.. yeah.]

Speaking of ‘Hackers’, check this out. It’s really funny.

Not to be confused with MSN_Messenger