Delightfull Aussie PopTart. Legal, too! (that comment for Spectre’s benefit 🙂


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awhile ago a voguette said she had first hand info that delta had a boobjob at 16 and before neighbours..i think these pics prove she hasnt"Oh my God, she's fashion roadkill!"5 months to better skin - UPDATED FOR OCT 17/10/04

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(puts Michelle in her place, doesn’t it?)

Who thinks Delta is a virgin? I bet she had blowjobs and banging guys when she was in High School!

I’m sure she did … in your disgusting fantasie! Together with Jenna and your other woman for special moments. You’re one of the guys who thinks “all pussys except mommy” right? Have you ever take into consideration that you may be mentally ill… Not? Perhaps you think otherwise when you’ve had sex for the first time. Then you’ll also realize that there are not only the two extremes: “Slut – Virgin”. Until this day you shouldn’t post waste like this!