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Most of #aber are on it now :(


Got unblocked, Wispy is happy.

Update 09/03/2006: it's blocked again!

People are complaining about I.S. in this matter. In fact, I.S. were told to block it, and resisted until they'd sought legal advice. Legal advice came in, citing real examples in UK law of liability being given to the carrier, so they really didn't have a whole lot of choice.

Access Denied

Following a number of complaints about material being posted on the XuQa
web site, legal advice has been obtained. This has confirmed that a number
of the items are defamatory and that UWA would have a case to answer at
law if they remained available via UWA services. As such access to XuQa
has been blocked.

Crapy dating site, they moaned about being blocked from the UWA webcache, shigs lolled at them in his own special way via email. Students are up in arms about this, they should be thanking us instead. Stopping them wasting hours and hours writing shit about themselfs nobody wants to read, then going posting blogs and private messages to horny teenagers, again, about themselfs.

          I'm writing on behalf of XuQa.com, a social networking site
 that connects 400,000 students across 7500 campuses in the United
 States, UK and Canada. Our users have informed us that xuqa.com has been
 blocked by the univeristy network. I'm writing to clarify our position
 and to request this ban be reconsidered.
      Two users (the IPs of whom we have logged) created fake accounts
 and went to SPAM other users in the univeristy. We were informed of this
 and immediately proceeded to deactivate their accounts and block their
 IPs. Since then we've kept a close watch out for other such abusers. The
 SPAM that occured as thus a result of users abusing the system and did
 NOT originate from our end. You may see our server logs for verification.
      We are an established network that is VC funded (BV Capital, CA)
 and would never indulge in SPAM related activites. We are also certified
 by Habeas (a leading non-spam certification www.habeas.com). You may
 email BV Capital / Habeas to verify this information.
      On behalf of XuQa, we request that this ban be removed. I can
 provide you emails of many users from your univeristy who want to access
    If you have any other questions, I would be delighted to assist.
 Director @ XuQa.com
Dear Murtaza,

Unfortunately the decision has been made, we do not class 27,000 emails as "never indulging
in SPAM related activites" and do not take us for fools with regards to your spoofing

If indeed these fake accounts were created by users then it brings up questions regarding
your account validation procedures, which we find woefully insecure. That aside we consider
profiteering from abuse of our facilities unacceptable and will not be considering lifting
the ban for the good of our students.

All the best,
<wispy> I want xuqa back:(
<wispy> shigs is gay
<shigs> says the person who wants XUQa back
<shigs> a site for gays, about gays

That last comment from Shigs is a little strange, as his XuQa profile can be seen here. *no it can't unless your not on the uni network because its bocked ain't it he he* [curlz]

(Yeh come and shag me eprofile!)