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The 24 hour spar, the light at the end of the tunnel for many a confused student. Don't get alarmed if you find yourself purchasing a packet of biscuits and coffee there at 5 am and bump into someone you know doing the same thing.

<Mr_T> so tell me more about spar

<aneurin> well, in aberystwyth there be two spar shops-- or as the local resident population tend to call 
"siopiau". One is open 24 hours except on rare occasions and boasts a larger stock. The smaller spar 
closes at around 11pm but sometimes before. Staff in the larger spar tend to keep employment-- the 
turnover is infrequent and staff usually become quite efficient, especially with regard to smoking accessories-- 

<aneurin> they usually have the foresight to pre-empt requirements for skins when you buy tobacco etc. 
All in all, 7/10. losing points for enduring Spar Radio when stoned and stuck in a queue full of chavs, 
just after being heckled by a hobo wanting booze

<Mr_T> good story

Aneurin is clearly dellusional/drunk. There are in fact (at least) THREE spars in the vicinity on Aberystwyth. The third being in Waunfawr. Not a lot of people realise that it's open until 10pm even on Sundays, with co-op closing at 4pm.

<aimaz> "she wants me to pay now money is in my pocket... she's looking at me in a strange way... i can't wait to eat my yoghurt"

Nah, that's crap -there are four - one on Penchavau road as well.

Bah, nobody except the peasants living on campus care about that Spar! --aneurin

So you see, there's no reason to cut short that Sunday lie in in a rush to get to co-op

"What's open?"

"The SPAR, of course"

Before the 'SPAR' was the petrol station, where scared looking people would offer you randomly chosen products through a wire grill

Normal conversation would go


Hello, you want a mars bar

er no


What about this packet of crisps

Er no


Look here, I have 4 types of crap bread, was it that you wanted

Er no, can I have a pack of mints

What?! There right over there, its a 2 second trip. I will get them but make you know I am disgusted at you for making me do my job

Here, Take them and leave.Quickly


The horror of that is ended....