Property Management Agencies in Aberystwyth

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This list was originally based on the one provided by the University of Wales but there has since been some additions. The University is careful to note it is not offering recommendation for these agencies.

If you have any experiences with any of these agencies be sure to leave a review below.

ABA Property Management Ltd
28 North Parade
Aberystwyth SY23 2NF
Tel: 01970 617800
Mobile: 07974 207092
Fax: 01970 612130

Alexanders Estate Agent
Cambrian Chambers
Terrace Road
SY23 1NY.
Tel: 01970 636010

Small Admin fee to start but well worth it as the service I received was professional and friendly. Had a hot water tank that burst in the middle of the night 3am and they had a plumber to the property within an hour and a new tank by 5pm that day. Also got full deposit back at end of tenancy! Will recommend to anyone. TGR


Cause hundreds of students to queue outside at 6am in the morning in the middle of winter to access a list that they publish beforehand anyway.

Philip Evans Estates
22 Chalybeate Street
SY23 1HX
Tel: 01970 625333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              01970 625333      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (office)
Mobile: 0772 142 1211
Fax: 01970 617111

Had nothing but bad experiences with this guy. He screamed at my housemate for asking a question about the contract. The backdoor fell off, the place suffered from severe damp and there was no heating on the ground floor. None of these problems ever got fixed during our tenancy. He took £50 out of each of our deposits despite the house being in a better state than when we moved in. He stated this was for "rubbish removal", there was none to remove. The damp problems are still present and indeed worse currently.

In the past he has been caught for sub-letting properties over the summer period.

He tried a scam this year where he was telling students all letting agents were raising their rent by £10 a week. This was entirely untrue.

If at all possible rent with another more respectable agent.

Lloyd Herbert & Jones
10 Chalybeate Street
SY23 1HS
Tel: 01970 612559/624328

Lotus Property Management Ltd
South Road
SY23 1JS
Tel: 01970 617304/07813132630

Padarn Property Management & Letting Agency
10 Eastgate
SY23 2AR
Tel: 01970 627350

Had a great experience with this agency. We had several problems with the house that were all quickly fixed. The boiler broke and was replaced the following day. The front door lock also broke, replaced within two hours. Our hoover also self destructed and was replaced within the week.

These are rubbish, steer clear!

Not long been with 'padarn property' but would definitely stay with them. Problems are sorted promptly and the houses ive seen by this agency are up to a brilliant standard. We love u beth and roy....u rock. :-)

Roy has since moved to GD Lettings and has started taking some tactics out of Philips Evans Book! Padarn still rock but GD are terrible!

Totally dont abide by contract and when you complain they make it seem like its your fault!!

If they were good before, they're not now. Don't go with them, and if you have to, be really really fussy about everything- call them as soon as anything happens. Keep calling. It took us two full years to get some things fixed. A month ago we were told we were getting the mostly-broken washing machine replaced in the coming week. They also mark up what the landlord charges- he only ever sees a third of what you pay them- ripping off both you and him, and in exchange, refusing to do any work.

Prys Edwards Consultancy - Aberletting
Flat 1
50 North Parade
Aberystwyth SY23 2NF
Tel: 01970 639000

Have rented from Aberletting for over two years. Highly recommended. As they own most of their properties when things did go wrong it was fixed or replaced as soon as they could. Modern, town centre located properties . . . just the ticket!!

ALP Property Management LTD
31 Chalybeate St.
SY23 1HX
01970 626533

Very good to me throughout my letting. Been renting for 3 years on my own and 1 with my mates. Always get things done when things are needed and my mates rented with them in Albert Place and they had no troubles either. When we rented a student house from them in Cambrian Place, no issues at all and deposit back on the day we left,that's why I'm still with them and recommend them. I've never seen a secretary there in 4 years of renting, not likely that anyone was sacked- 14/7/10 - Steve

(before renting through these guys, read

The worst customer service in Aberrsywtyth, rude, ignorant staff.

No problems with ALP here.. so far. - Ferret had trouble with them

No problems with them myself either,seemed helpful, got my deposit back after renting - Sly

Wouldn't recommend! TERRIBLE company who will rip you off.

Steer very clear unless you like giving money away!

Borderline Legal bunch of Gits. Never knew the true meaning of hate until I met them. Also they fired the secratary when on holiday for being nice to the tenants.

Seems to make money housing recovering junkies. Won't tell you this before you rent, you will only tell from the drum and bass coming from your now missing stereo...

Fish (aka Flagitious Fish Fat Fingers)

Acceptable landlord although creepy in a funny way. Gives homes to feckless hippys. Will kill Funcan on sight..

Has the sense to replace smashed windows with plexiglass but only after it's been broken for well over a year.

1-Stop Lettings Ltd
22 Terrace Road,
SY23 1NP

New player in the market. Lost all student housing stock for 2011/2012 due to publishing a student letting guide, and refusing to work with "unethical" landlords. Making themselves very popular with the Student Union, and likely to be a highly recommended agency once they start getting more property.